Thursday, May 17, 2012

Will Obama Try to Use Houston to Start a Race War Next?

It would not surprise me if President Barrack Obama moves his sights away from Sanford Florida in the Treyvon Martin case and focuses on Houston Texas. The Treyvon Martin case seems to be falling apart since new revelations that George Zimmerman did sustain injuries when Treyvon Martin confronted him. Chances are this is a no win situation trying to make it racial issue for the Obama White House to start a race war so a national emergency can be declared. Now he can have the excuse to use Martial law to enslave the American people.

Now in Houston Texas, can we see the racial agitators converging on the bayou city? Today former Houston Police Officer Andrew Bloomberg was found not guilt for official oppression of burglary suspect Chad Holley. It was shown on surveillance video Chad Holley being chased by the police and Andrew Blomberg being; one of the Officers on the scene with Chad's was down face in the dirt not moving when the chase ended. Could we see the Obama Justice Department coming is and taking over the case? Treyvon Martin case is dead to make a race issue out of it. Houston might be the next place the race pimps will exploit racial tensions,

After he verdict, I can see people angry coming out of the court room claiming there was not one black person on the jury and it is was all white people sitting on the panel. They are crying racism after the verdict saying there was no justice. This reminds me of the day when the verdicts a little over 20 years ago in the Rodney King trial when all four officers were found not guilty. The city of LA rioted for days after that. Then the Federal government stepped in and charged the officers with violating Rodney King’s civil rights after the officer were found not guilty by a jury of their peers in a state court

I am concerned about the Obama justice Department coming in and doing everything possible to stir up racial tensions and try to use this case to start a race war. Several other officers await trial. Could the DOJ come in and throw the case to make all the officers found not guilty to stir the pot hoping to start a race war? I know the same DOJ was behind the scenes making sure George Zimmerman being charged with second-degree murder.

What I notice in the news footage, I did not see the black community outraged in large numbers. I just have seen a few groups out there making a lot of noise. All I seen is angry black leaders and activist with a handful of people standing with them. I did not see the Black community as a whole outraged as the media would like us to think to play the race card.

I hear the typical black activist Quanel X of the New Black Panther Party in Houston is planning protest outside the courthouse. This man loves the TV camera. I can see the glee in his eyes since now he has an issue he can use for his own gain.

Another leader from another black group said:

 "No justice comes out of (the courthouse)," said Kofi Taharka, chairman of the National United Black Front.  "The justice gonna come in the streets."  It would not surprise me if the New Black Panther party starts making new threats to go out and attack white people for justice of Chad Holly.

After looking at the video tape, both parties are wrong. The police overacted, when Chad was on the ground they should have just cuffed him instead of stomping on him. If the officers restrained themselves and just made sure, he was handcuffed. I would not be writing about it today. Chad was not threat to the safety of the officers. Two wrongs do not make it right. Not getting Chad off the hook, he should not run from the police under any circumstance. That is not a smart choice either way.

I am very worried about the opportunist coming into Houston like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton parading into town and throwing gasoline on a fire. I can see the Obama justice department coming in, taking over the case to try to further racial tensions in the city. It is hard to say. The DOJ cannot threaten Houston Police Department with Federalization of the force because HPD is already under Federal Control. What we see in the video tape is Federal training of Police officers at work being used on Chad Holly using excessive force.

Let us just hope the good people of Houston do not allow these opportunist from the White House and Race Pimps to come in to stoke the fires of racism. This is a Houston matter and not a race matter. White people are denied justice when the police do wrong also. It is not a race issue of justice denied. It is the lack of accountability in law enforcement in how they treat all people should be everyone's concern. White folks get the shaft too in court; it is not just a black issue.

Crying racism will not deliver justice anymore. Holding HPD accountable in how they treat all people guilty or innocent is the issue, not the color of a person's skin. Chad Holly should consider himself lucky he was not injured. Kelly Thomas was not so lucky when the police beaten him to death without cause officially oppressed him. This mentally handicapped person was no threat to the officer's safety. He was a white homeless man. As a white man, I was angry and upset just as much as that black man in Oakland, California was shot in the back by a BART officer killing him instantly on the subway platform as I am  about how they beat to death Kelly Thomas. Police brutality is not a race issue. It is a human rights concern all Americans should be concerned about.

The police are out of control oppressing everyone, no just black people. It is us against them. Not a black against white as the try to deceive us into believing on the 6 o'clock news. 

I just hope and pray Obama and the race pimps stay out of Houston never to get a chance to stir the pot. We do not need a race war.

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  1. Well, I do recall seeing videos of this beat down a couple of years ago and although it is annoying to see anything like that happen, I agree it is more a human rights issue than a racial issue. Should it make any difference if the kid those cops beat down was white, black, asian, mexican, etc?

    The reality is that these cops will do things like that to ANYONE. The illusion has been that the white cops only beat up and wrongfully shoot black people, and I think that idea has been what has kept a lot of white people from voicing much concern up until now. The false notion that "they would never do that to me because I'm white", is starting to prove fatal, because the reality is that the police departments' oppressive capacity is better served by hiring people that WILL do it to you regardless of your race.

    Just think about things logically. Does it benefit the establishment that the cops discriminate and refuse to assault a certain class or race of people, which would make that class or race of people a potential site of rebellion? Or, does it benefit the establishment that the police assault anyone or anything thing they are ordered to assault, thus equally suppressing any would be rebellion across all races and social classes?

    The latter choice is the most logical choice when you consider the kind of people this world is dealing with, and the desires that drive them. The illusion of "racial discrimination" has been junk food for our personal consumption.

    Not theirs.