Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Will Obama Trample the 3rd Amendment Using EO National Defence Resource Prepareness?

We all remember one of the recent Executive Orders Obama signed called the National Defense Resource Preparedness. This allows the President to authorize the Department of Defense seize all infrastructure inside the nation. Past EOs by previous Presidents was to be implemented in the time of war, Obama added this executive order can be invoked in peacetime. Nothing or no one is safe. That means our homes and property rights are in peril. So do not be surprised if the President disregards the third Amendment in the Bill of Rights which takes away the true last bastion of privacy. That is our homes if we are forced to quarter soldiers or government agents in our homes against our will.

I have to bring this up from time to time because this is something that is overlooked. It can happen here as it was in Colonial days before the war of independence was started. Quartering soldiers in people’s homes without the owners consent was a major grievance in the Declaration of Independence the signers had against the King of Great Britain saying:

For quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:

When the Congress adopted the Bill of rights to restrain government power.  The Third Amendment was written right after the second amendment, which is the right to keep and bear arms between the Fourth Amendment prohibiting unreasonable searches and seizures.

The Third Amendment in the Bill of Rights as stated is:

No soldier shall, in time of peace, be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

Our State National Guard units cannot quarter troops or personal on people's property without the owners consent either as outlined in the 1979 Federal Court ruling Engblom vs Carey. Property rights were to be respected by the government in all levels. A man's home is his castle. This case upheld the third amendment.

Back in early America, many people remembered when they were forced to house British soldiers, to feed them and, clean their uniforms shine their boots. The Redcoats were not just on the streets, they imposed themselves on the population being quartered in the people homes. The people were not reimbursed for housing and feeding the redcoats.

King George III had a twofold purpose for quartering the troops, first is to save money on feeding and housing the troops. Second, to be organic spies in the people’s homes to make sure they did not speak out the king. Quartering troops is an invasion of privacy under the kings "Coercive Acts". Under those acts. There was the Quartering Act of 1774, which authorized the British army to quarter themselves in people homes against the consent of the owner. This was punishment against the population for the Boston Tea Party and to save money building barracks. The King shredded and disregarded the Magna Carta. So will Obama shred the Bill of Rights again, if we let him get away with it, pulling off another power grab. He can issue a decree forcing the government goons like the TSA to live in our homes under duress. I do not underestimate what this President will do

How this can happen? The NDAA now made the Posse Comitatus and any state rights non existent. Here is a scenario, which is very possible. It has been announced by the TSA and DHS being on city streets nationwide along with the US military running checkpoints and other unconstitutional acts. We all know about the devaluing of the currency and austerity measures to pay a phony debt to the International Banking Cartel. The President might use the excuse saying "to save money" and Americans have to sacrifice by opening our home to secure the homeland to keep us safe and we have to sacrifice our homes. The government will bring in assets from outside the community. It will cost a lot of money to house and to build barracks for the goons working for the government regardless if they are the Military, TSA or DHS. The dollar almost worthless, there will be a time were they cannot afford to feed or house the goons. So, what is the remedy in the tyrant's mind? Quarter them in people's homes and force us the bear the burden and expense feeding and housing them. This is how King George III saved money is by putting soldiers in people's homes when there was no barracks. This is how he oppressed to population also have soldiers live in the colonist homes spying on the family.

There are calls to repeal the Third Amendment saying it is unnecessary by a former speechwriter for George W Bush. Some are saying the Third Amendment is no longer needed and obsolete. Do not be deceived one bit by the experts in the establishment media. I do not want government sucking the life out of me through taxes and from the other direction allowing them to live paying no rent and eating free meals taking food out of my children's mouths.The third Amendment is still necessary preserving property rights today as it was in early America. I was even reading we should support the troops by repealing the third Amendment. What such hogwash.

Since public anger over a police state and the abuses people endure daily under such a tyranny is building. The TSA is at the top of the list of most hated agencies which is the civilian national security force Obama talked about. The people will be very outraged if TSA is quartered in people's homes with the threat of arrest if they do not comply.The dictator will try to put a chilling effect on the resistance by quartering the TSA, DHS agent or the US Military in the home against the owners consent. Especially in those homes of activist who are speaking out as a way to disrupt the resistance movement. The American people will be forced to feed them and house them paying out of their own pocket with no compensation from the government that is broke.

Never mind the government paying for this high tech police state control grid with cameras on the street, spying on our web activities, wiretapping our phones and drones in the air. Instead of worrying about the government paying for all the high tech surveillance technology to watch every move we make and every word we say. We should be prepared if the US government with a Presidential executive order authorizing housing government goons among the population having a spy in every home.

If you think, it cannot happen here. Let me say this to you. If the TSA can get into your personal space, stick their hands down your pants and take naked pictures of you using a full body scanner. What is stopping them from coming into our homes to make sure we are not the terrorist living in our homes invading our privacy? Allowing the government goon squads to get away with being quartered in our homes under duress in our living space we must not allow. What is stopping a potbelly pervert watching your wife or daughter in the shower when you are away to make sure they are not involved in terrorist activities or a national security threat?

Do you want a group of people who have been caught being pedophiles, rapist, and thieves in your home? Can you trust them to be with your wife and daughter while you are not home? They might have you arrested under the NDAA, sent to a FEMA camp so they can have their way with your spouse. Well, if men will not defend their daughters, children and wives at the airport being groped. They might get away with in your own home. With this criminal government in charge, anything is possible if we do not speak out now!

This is why we need to take back our local governments and educate our county sheriffs. If the Sheriff will not listen, work hard to vote him out with a Public Servant who will uphold his oath. This is why need to resist the TSA, DHS or the US Military preventing them coming into our counties, cities and neighborhoods. If we do not stop them coming into our communities groping us on the side of the road, what is keeping them from being quartered in our homes against our will?

This is why we need to abolish the TSA and DHS, elect Ron Paul as President, The reason is, if we do not push back now. There is no limit how far the authoritarians will go, if we do not stand up and say “ENOUGH”. The sky is the limit for the tyrants. I am not letting a potbelly pervert eat my food, invade my home, and live rent-free. Do you feel the same way? History always repeats itself if we fail to learn from it.

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  1. I'm more inclined to try to kill the invaders than house them. I know I'd die in the process, but I'm one of those 'give me liberty or give me death types', and I'm sure there's plenty ofthose out there. Anyone tries to break into my place, they might not come out of it too well.