Saturday, May 19, 2012

Voting for Ron Paul is not Enough to Take Back our Republic.

Looking back at the first two years of Clinton in office, His agenda of Hillery-care and other economic killing legislation gave fuel for the Republican Party to take back the House and Senate after 40 years being out of Power. Newt Gingrich and the Candidates for House stood out in front of the Capital and agreed to the Contract with America with a few simple initiatives they would debate and vote on. It motivated the base and they came out and voted.

The Republicans won in 1994 as a result of selling the "Contract with America". During the Clinton Years with a Republican dominated House and Senate. Clinton did not get much of his agenda through even though they did pass the repeal of The Glass Steagle Act, which was bad for America. That is because many Congressional Representatives did hold the line that was not part of the political establishment. The years of 2001 to 2006. Both the White House and the Congress were under Republican control, which was a disaster because spending increased, and bringing in these wars. From 2006 to 2010. The Democrats took back the Congress; they have been ramming laws down the Americans throats the people rejected. During 2008 to 2010, the Democrats controlled the Congress and the White House. They did a lot of damage to this country passing the most draconian and tyrannical laws.

From 2008 to 2010, the Tea Party movement gained momentum, Ron Paul the godfather of the movement has been co-opted by the neo-cons. in the mid term election of 2010, the Tea Party movement returned the House back to the Republican party. Rep. John Boehner became the Speaker of the House. He is a disgrace. Many people were hoping the new GOP led house would be a check on power in the White House. This congress is a disappointment. They abrogated their power under the Constitution. They gave that authority to the White House by consent or by silence. Either way, they have failed to do their job. They have ignored the will of the people and put this nation in serious danger because they allowed the President to act like a dictator. Freedom is in danger of being lost completely because Congress failed the people.

Now we are in the election of 2012, the people running on the Tea Party phenomena have proved to be duds. They care more about Israel's wants than what the American people demand. They care what the Military industrial complex wants. People are sick of wars. They are tired of being blown off as if we do not matter anymore. Congress has become a potted plant, useless like tits on a bull. The allowed raising of the debt ceiling putting us deeper in debt; they gave the President unchecked power to arrest Americans without a trial to be held indefinitely with no charges pending. They become a joke and just Obama's rubber stamp.

We suffer from a Leadership Crises because our Congress refuses or is not willing to uphold their oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic unless it is AIPAC. A domestic foe as well as a foreign enemy in plain sight.

What is a possible solution? Why not leaders and Ron Paul candidates rip a page out of the Republican Revolution’s Contract with America? We should have all Ron Paul Candidates who are running for the House and Senate sign the Contract to Restore Liberty, Sound Money and Govern by the Constitution with 13 simple points people can understand:

1. Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank. Return the Dollar to the Gold and Silver Standard

2. Protect the internet and Free speech.

3. Abolish the IRS and repeal the 16th Amendment.

4. Bring our troops home from 900 bases in 130 countries. Place troops on the Border. Cease and desist combat operations in sovereign nations that have not attacked us.

5. Pull out of the United Nations and NATO.

6. Repeal Obamacare

7. Abolish the TSA, FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. Abolish the secret No Fly, no gun buy list.

8. Cut 1 trillion Dollars from spending the first year and not raising the debt ceiling. Have a Balanced budget in three years.

9. Abolish the EPA, the Dept. of Commerce, Dept. of Energy, Dept of Interior, Dept of Energy, The Food and Drug Administration, Dept of Education and the Dept of Agriculture.

10. Repeal the Patriot Act, the NDAA. Declare the War on Terror over. Close Gitmo and release all the detainees.

11. No compromise on the Second Amendment. Start Repealing Gun Control laws.

12. Declare the War on Drugs over. Decriminalize and Legalize Marijuana and the growing of industrial Hemp.

13. No more foreign aid to any nation including Israel. Congress and the President require AIPAC to register as a foreign agent.

These are my talking points. People who have Ron Paul's vision believe in restoring the Constitution. It does not matter if they are Independents, Members of the Constitution Party, Libertarians, Democrats and Republicans. They need to have a strategy with simple talking points that resonate with Americans. They will work with the President to restore liberty and the Constitution. A multiparty Strategy. No bipartisanship where the globalist agree in both parties. A coming to together in agreement to the Constitution and the original intent of the founding fathers.

This is an important thing we have to think about. If Ron Paul does win and take the oval office. He is going to need allies in Congress. We need to select a candidate for Speaker of the House to run against John Boehner. Someone who is not part of the establishment who will choose responsible people to chair committees and subcommittees.

Even if Ron Paul does not win, we need people in congress who will be a counter force to Obama or a Romney in the White House who will do their jobs. A strategy as the Contract with America, which was done in 1994, might be the blue print or road map needed to start taking back our liberties and our republic. If we keep it simple, we can win to keep the Ron Paul Revolution alive long after the congressmen retires. The march towards liberty must go on with Ron Paul or not. The Revolution moves forward beyond Ron Paul back to liberty because the idea is unstoppable no army can contain if we believe.

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