Friday, May 11, 2012

Pregnant woman raped by Private security guard under Supervision of the TSA at Greyhound bus station


A security guard at the Greyhound bus station in downtown Houston is accused of raping a pregnant woman in the bus station security office.

Tyler Duhon, 29 is charged with sexual assault of an adult.
According to court documents, the victim was trying to catch a bus from Houston to Dallas to visit her unborn child’s father on April 30, 2012, when the alleged assault occurred.
The victim said she arrived at the station at 5 p.m. for her 5:45 p.m. departure.
As she was passing through security, she said a female Top Gun security guard searched her bag and indicated that she found marijuana inside. The guard called over Duhon, who was armed, to do a more thorough search.

The victim said Duhon went through her bag and found a marijuana roach in a cigarillo box.
He handcuffed her and led her to the security office, where he told her HPD would be called, and she would be taken to jail. The victim said she begged him to let her go, telling him she was four months pregnant and has a young child at home. The victim told Duhon she’d do anything if he’d let her go.
Duhon told her he’d have to check with his supervisor, but she might have to undergo a strip search to make sure she wasn’t carrying other drugs.

The victim told police Duhon left for a short time and then came back, saying she could go after she underwent a strip search.She said Duhon took off her handcuffs and told her to lift her shirt. She did, exposing her undershirt. When he asked her to remove that, she asked for a female officer to complete the search, but Duhon told her there weren’t any women available at the time.
The victim said Duhon proceeded to remove her clothes, telling her that he’d done her a favor, so now she needed to do him a favor.

The victim told police Duhon raped her in the office, gave her three of his cigarettes and then let her go.
She went outside and called her cousin, because she said she was afraid if she called police she would go to jail for the drugs.
Later, when she went back into the station again to catch the bus, she said Duhon motioned her through the security line and to the front of the bus line.
After she boarded, she said Duhon came on and handed her $20 and a note, which said he’d taken the money from her purse to bribe his supervisor to let her go. She said she checked her purse and noticed that there was $20 missing.

Duhon boarded the bus a second time to give her a drink she’d left in the security office.
The bus left the station, and once it stopped in Buffalo, the victim got on a different bus and came back to Houston, where her mother took her to the hospital for a sexual assault exam.
Investigators interviewed several witnesses who saw the victim go back into the security office with Duhon.

Duhon told police the sex was consensual, and that the victim was enjoying herself.
But doctors said the sexual assault exam verified the victim’s story.
Charges were filed against Duhon on May 10, 2012.

Bus Station Security is under the Supervision of the TSA in Houston Texas. It would be much safer walking in a storm with thunder.

Addendum May 12, 2012 0800
Correction: The Bus Station Security even though it is private. It is still under the supervision of the TSA. I traveled Greyhound Buses in the past. There was no security checkpoint in the bus terminals. I been in Atlanta, Orlando, St Louse Bus terminals. I been in some of the big Greyhound Terminals and never seen security Checkpoints until Obama and Big sis took over.It is not my intention to mislead my reader, but to point out the TSA may not be viable in the bus terminals. But they are present overseeing the private security. The TSA announced being in bus and train stations. SWorry if I was not more specific.


  1. Banging my head against the wall over this one.

  2. The Houston Greyhound station security is NOT TSA. It's just for show, as no one is searched at any other bus stop in Texas, or even getting off buses in Houston.

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  4. I bet she consentually traded booty for the roach charge to not be filed then told her mom on her cell phone a modified 'I was raped' story and her mom said come back and we'll report it.
    BPD or HPD personality disorder.
    The guard was horney and wrong. The girl is lying.

  5. Over at the Daily Paul, they mention how this guard was not a TSA agent. They also mention that this blog- Realman's blog you are reading now- is the ONLY place on the web that claims he was TSA.

    They are slamming Realman and this blog, for good reason. Even the original story at KHOU doesn't claim he is TSA.

    DailyPaul article:

  6. Private security is under TSA supervision. They are not under the TSA, but they are watched by the TSA.

  7. Wow there is much reptilian out there in the USA.. poor girl :-(