Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dumbed Down Christianity in America

I use to hear the slogan that real men do not go to church. After many years, I know why. The churches today are nothing more the watered down state run institutions thanks to 501c3 status. This status of the Churches has made this vital institution of no effect. They are no longer he salt of the earth. This is a big difference from the Christian church in 1776 and today.

We have to see how we have fallen so far since 200 years ago. When the first confrontations at Lexington and Concord happened with militia facing off against the Redcoats. The Clergy were the ones who instilled the principles of resistance to tyranny. The British Amy called these ministers the Black Brigade regiment. These were the men from the pulpit preached resistance to corruption and tyranny. They did not preach pacifism.

Before the Bolshevik, revolution was a success in Russia. The Churches were infiltrated with communist operatives that watered down the doctrine of the Russian Orthodox Church. When communism took over society with their reign of terror. It was hard for the Church to resist such evil because the theology was watered down when the government preached Romans 13; they went along with the like sheep to the being ready to be feasted by hungry wolves. The people did not have the knowledge to discern the difference between manipulation and sound doctrine.

In America, the churches were infiltrated by the same foundations that overthrown the Russian Czars. Eugenics was introduced to the Church as a Christian Doctrine in America. This was a complete manipulation of sound doctrine in the Church. The Seminaries have been taken over to teach future pastors and clergymen false teachings. Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson passed the 501c3 law to stop churches preaching politics from the pulpit because ministers were involved politics that was making it difficult for corrupt people to get into politics.

They brought in what is called the rapture theory to get the Church to stand down and not resist evil since they were told they are going to be teleported out to meet Jesus in the clouds before darkness falls upon the land. They were lied to, many of these people suffered under a terror we never experienced because they were told to stand down because they will be delivered out of the world before the tyranny starts. This rapture theory was preached in Russia, China, and NAZI Germany to get the church and active Christians to stand down and not fight back against the evil ever encroaching in the their land.

Now we have the Clergy Response team of apostate Pastors who sold out for a government handout telling their flock to go along with tyranny. Telling their congregations, that it is God's will to turn in our firearms, go to the FEMA camps, and turn over our children to the government pedophiles. They are deceiving there following to submit the wolves as lambs to the slaughter.

When you turn on Christian Broadcasting listening TV preachers today, you do not hear God's call to resist tyranny, all we hear is send them money and the guilt trip of personal vices everyone has. The 501c3 status and the clergy response teams are designed to be selectively enforced were the IRS or Homeland security will go after one churches and leadership not talking the party line. They will leave the sellouts and political operatives dressed in preacher garb alone who is promoting the agenda using God's name.

We have the ADL and AIPAC in the Churches preaching Israel first before our national welfare. The doctrine of the Just War is no more. Preachers like John Hagee and Pat Robertson using the name of Jesus to go attack countries that never attacked us or are a threat to us; we are in illegal wars because of the people being deceived.

When people follow religious leaders without checking them out first or testing the doctrine they preach from the pulpit, hell will follow every time.



  1. In 1690, my ancestor Rene Houallet, joined 30 men in Quebec, led by the parish priest, to repel 150 British soldiers. How times have changed. The ministers of today would preach submission from the pulpit.

  2. The body of Christ, which is the church, should demonstrate these fruits: Ga 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
    23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.
    God intends to have a thousand year Kingdom, and needs no man's help in setting it up. What God is doing in the New Testament is developing leadership, the body of Christ, to be priest and Kings with Jesus in the age to come,Re 5:10 , Re 20:6 . But you are absolutely right the 501c3 churches are not preaching the gospel as they should. Luke

  3. My grandfather was a minister and two of my cousins are police. Stevie got officer of the year for San Jose, California county long ago as a rookie. I believe the words that we are NOT to regularly clean house and the divinity of doing so is the province of God and a church defies logic and grace. Common sense advises to clean house whenever expecting distinguished or common guests. Thus, we should straighten up our world, lest kings, queens, and priests assume ownership and have us doing their chores. LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC. Vote Dr. Ron Paul for president and dump the Fed.

  4. most churches in america preach the Scofield version of Christianity. Scofield was a x-con from Kansas who was hired by the Rothchilds to rewrite the interpretation of the bible according to dispensationalism. The Scofield bible, or NIV, is used in most churches of America. It is based on the writings of Darby from England. It is a false version of Christianity and is promobed by the moody bible institute and the Dallas Theological Seminary and Zionism.

  5. "Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment." Romans 13:1-4

    Is this bible verse not clear? Or do you just not want to obey god's laws?

    "Be subject for the Lord's sake to every human institution." 1 Peter 2:13

    "Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor." 1 Peter 2:17

    Even you Realman, can see what the bible teaches here. Honor the emperor. How is this not clear to you? The bible's message is obvious. You are not following the scriptures that you claim to love so much.

    You need to ask yourself. Just what kind of a Christian are you?

  6. Christianity and aggression towards your fellow man have nothing to do with one another! I'm sorry but "loving your neighbor as you would be loved" means that even the guy nailing you to a cross is only given the love you have for all humanity.

    This is where Christians are 99% all hypocrites! To call for wars against Islamic people, to outcast non-believers and to promote a sense of supremacy because of a misguided religious belief all stand as the pure anti-thesis of what Jesus tried to teach to the world!

  7. Exodus 32: 25-32.

    Just look what Moses, Levi & sons did.

    Like Mike, we must not be meek & mild. We must be warriors and fight for Christ. If not we will be slaughtered like sheep.

    1. I'm no pacifist Rich. I'm also not a Christian. I was pointing out American Christianity's hypocrisy. Religion is an antiquated control system that is beginning to lose it's usefulness. Why do you think this nation is become more and more a totalitarian police state? People need to believe in themselves, govern their own lives and stand accountable for their own decisions they make in life. Without those three things, it's all lost.

  8. First, 1 Thessalonians 4:17 states as clearly as could possibly be the doctrine called the Rapture of the Church.It shows how the Lord will come FOR his church. In Rev 20, at the end of the tribulation the Lord comes WITH his church. Two separate events.

    This notion that someone made up the doctrine called the rapture to keep the people docile is ignorant drivel from the likes of the king of fools Alex Jones. It makes me wonder what else he/they lie about/or get wrong because they are too lazy to do a bit of reading.

    Don't get me wrong I listen to AJ from time to time but issues like this leave me wondering if he has no one around him that knows how to read and dare correct him?

    Second, the Abrahamic Covenant is eternal and unconditional and clearly states he that blesses Israel the Lord will bless. He that curses Israel the Lord will curse.

    You that pretend to follow Christ and yet spend your time spewing antisemitic drivel are the real evil in this world. Won't you be suprised when the Lord returns to protect his chosen people from those that hate them and try to take away their land, in other words from you. Zechariah speaks on this.

  9. Roland T. Flatulent
    Perhaps you could assist the SS in rounding up Jews, Christians, and Enemies of the state. Maybe you could help kill those that won't take the mark. Just because God gave Satan temporary custody of this planet does that make me Satan's bitch. Subject to his authority, God forbid. Decide this day who you will serve.