Tuesday, May 1, 2012

17 Reasons Why Texas With Other States Should Secede if Obama is Reelected this November.

It is my concern that as a people, we have to do what it takes to survive and prevail. Right now American is a sinking ship going down, the bow first under water. The captain of the ship and his first officers and the staff are saying do not close the watertight doors. The Captain knows the bow has been damaged severely and is taking on water. It is matter of time before the water goes through the other watertight compartments instead of sealing the doors in all compartments to protect the rest of the ship.

The passengers and the crew that have enough sense to see by going with the captain's directives will get us all killed and the passenger demanding action to save the ship. They have to two choices, have a mutiny on the ship to keep the boat floating or go to a lifeboat.  The crew and the passengers who are aware of the incompetent officers and the captain let the ship take on too much water. To seal the compartments is no longer an option to make a difference because they are all flooded. Therefore, the last option is find a lifeboat and get in it and row away as fast as they can before the sinking ship sucks them down too as the ocean liner goes to the ocean floor never to float again.

America is that sinking ship that is taking on water faster and faster. The leadership in this nation refuses to follow common sense solutions and the Constitution. Actually, they have done everything possible to make sure the country sinks faster instead of reversing course. As people of the several states, what is our only solution left after we tried everything and it has fell on deaf ears? I see secession is the one remedy for many states that reject President Obama's agenda and want to survive.

Here are reasons why states should secede if Obama is elected a second term:

1) The Federal Reserve Banks and Wall Street have control of all three branches of government. Mega corporations enjoying the privilege of a revolving door between corporations and the bureaucracy using the force of government to shut down their competition.

2) The President through executive orders is implementing The TSA coming on city streets. The Federal agencies are bypassing state governments with grant money to cities and counties with strings attached that violate state laws. Getting the TSA out of the State airports might revive tourism. If Texas secedes, it can be the new transcontinental and international travel hub by its localtion. Chicago's  Ohare airport might not be anymore that hub, thanks to the TSA.  

3)  He is using the regulatory process in the EPA, USDA, FDA and other alphabet soup agencies.  To shut down competition, make us pay higher fuel prices, higher electric bills and food prices.

4) The right to keep and bear arms is under attack he promised Hand Gun Inc he would implement gun control by stealth his second term.

5) The President admitted he just could not wait until he is reelected so he can bypass congress and write laws by the stroke of a pen called executive orders to impose draconian decrees without an act of congress.

6)  His foreign policy has put us in more danger as a nation. He refuses to secure the southern border.

7)  The free trade polices over the years have further undermined our industry and states will go broke if industries like family farms and the few sectors manufacturing still here does not go to China.

8)  He has expanded the size of government and diverted funds to hire IRS agents to go out and enforce Obamacare if the Supreme Court rules the law unconstitutional or not to eat of our substance. He has expanded the bureaucracy to send out agents to shut down the free market these states depend on for revenue to fund their government.

9) He enforcing treaties not ratified by the US Senate by executive order like Cap and Trade. The White House through the EPA is shutting down coal power plants without any legal authority. The rogue agency also took over issuing permits for coal plants and refineries when the state asserts its sovereignty and not comply with regulations the result in the loss of jobs.

10) Obama is the most corrupt President in My lifetime I ever seen. He acts like a gangster selectively enforcing laws allowing his friends and cronies to be lawless ignoring the laws. At the same time his is hostile to small businesses and family farms that are not donors to his Presidential campaign.

11) The US dollar will become worthless due to hyperinflation from the printing of money by the Federal Reserve Bank the US congress has very little oversight and is very secretive.

12) He has made the United Nations the sole authority over the US congress to achieve its means to an end when the House and Senate will not go his way.

13) He has gone far beyond the past Presidents grabbing power away from congress and the courts by executive orders and his Czars. A second term he told the Russian leadership he will be more flexible. Flexible with what?

14) The writ of Habeas Corpus is attacked by the NDAA, almost null and void, which deprives people the right of due process and being held indefinitely without charge.

15) The Posse Comatotus act is no more. He is now a dictator, thanks George W Bush;s executive order called PD-51 which Congress cannot see the documents because it is classified.

17) Big Corporations control the government and not the will of the people. States have been deprived of suffrage since 1913 thanks to the 17th Amendment.Obama wants to deprive state further right to self govern with these crony mega corporation threatening to sue states that pass laws breaking their monopoly and bring competition. Eg( Monsanto threatening Vermont with lswsuits for wanting GMO labeling on foods)

When the founders signed the Declaration of Independence, declaring them politically severed from the English Crown. They knew the rule under the king was a destructive government that was not securing the rights of the people; it was only securing their own power and their cronies.

Secession looks like it might be the only option left to survive as a sovereign state. It is our right and duty to throw off such government that is destructive and has become a threat to the people and the state they reside in. Obama has become a law unto himself, the only way we can have a chance to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is to secede and wipe the slate clean. Issue a new currency with no private central bank can be one of the blessing seceding from Washington DC. If Obama is elected to a second term. We cannot afford four more years of this tyrant.

We can hear the naysayer’s saying it would not be a good idea. What was July 4 all about? It was about secession from the King of Great Britain. We fought the most powerful army in the world and defeated them. Secession might be the last resort and our only lifeboat. If Obama gets a second term, then it is time to call for secession. To secede is not treason, it is our God given right to secure own future under a new government. It is not overthrowing the present US Government, it is just a political divorce from Washington DC. The choice will be soon Secession or Slavery, What would you do?



  1. Every line of which can be said about Romney or whoever the Neocon puppet is on the Republican side

  2. How will Romney be any different? It's the system that is the problem. The individual players mean nothing.

    When you write these anti-Obama articles, all you are doing is perpetuating the myth that there is even a small difference between the two parties.