Wednesday, April 4, 2012

To the Ron Paul Suppporters: Never Prematurely Hand Over Victory to Mitt Romney and the Neo Cons Until Fight is Over!

I am not sorry for saying this, the patriot broadcasters who say they support Ron Paul are giving in the mind games the other side who preaches the mantra that Ron Paul can't win, they will not allow him to win, they will not give him the nomination and they control the game. Many of our defeats have not been so much the other side not only stealing elections, it is our defeatist attitudes that play a part thinking we cannot get a victory for Ron Paul because they rigged the game. People give up when they buy into defeat before the real battle has just begun.

Study not to close the ways of your enemies unless they become yours is good words to live by. The enemy will keep winning as long we believe they can get away with it. If we research too much into their plans and tactics, sooner or later we believe their reality also. They fall into the illusion of the elite being invincible and untouchable. As long we believe the lie, nothing will change until push back and keep pushing back. We have nothing left to lose because they already took everything from us. So what is left? We have everything to gain from this point on. As long, we have people in the patriot movement saying they will not allow Ron Paul to win. Little do they know, they are contributing many of our defeats by believing in the self fulfilling prophesy is just as bad as the vote riggers.

Our words determine if we will have victory or defeat. The words we use will determine the direction our nation will take. Our words do have power we must choose carefully when we speak. The power of words can bring freedom or tyranny. Until the republican convention and the November, election is here. I am not about to hand over victory to the enemy when the fight is not over. How can we say Mitt Romney is the nominee? How can we say all this when it has not happened yet? Until August is here, we should not sell ourselves so short when there is time to act to turn it around.

We cannot afford anymore to have one leg in the past looking at how we been cheated and robbed with the other leg in the future saying they will get away with it again; so lets piss on today saying we will never win anyway no matter how hard we try. I refuse to accept such negative nonsense. The people who are cheating Ron Paul are not bulletproof, they are not invincible either, neither are they insulated from any consequence for their actions. We have nothing left to lose. They fear Ron Paul for a good reason, this is why they are telling him to drop out. I have a feeling karma is making its full circle at the convention in Tampa. They will not be able to escape it no matter how much they try to explain it away or spin the story. The people know too much. They got burned having McCain four years ago being the chosen one. We are not going to be burned again with Romney.

If Ron Paul was not a factor and did not have the support as they say he does not. They would not pay attention to him if that were true. The reasons why they are asking him why he has not dropped out of the race yet because it is like a poker game. The Establishment is trying to get Ron Paul to fold his hand of cards when he is holding a royal flush while the other side does not even have a wildcard or a two of a kind. They are trying bluff Ron Paul to fold his cards when he does not have to. Ron Paul should call their bluff like a good poker player should do. The establishment fears something bad ready to happen to them that is such a blow to their games and shenanigans. This is why they want Ron Paul to quit, they would not be asking the Texas congressman to drop out if they know something the public does not know that will be their downfall. This might be the very thing that can destroy the GOP establishment.

When all the fraud is exposed nationwide against Ron Paul, when it is shown at the convention, the delegates for Ron Paul who are legally chosen to attend are denied entrance on the convention floor. It might be game over for the neo con hacks inside the GOP if they pull a stunt like that. They might have to allow the delegates inside the convention just to save face. There might be a hostile takeover of the libertarian wing taking the helm. We never know until we try how far we will go. Hypothetically, suppose Ron Paul gets all the delegates to secure the nomination with an overwhelming number of delegates. Let them try on national TV deny Ron Paul the nomination.

It is not August yet. They may say Romney is the nominee. I talk to republican voters, most do not like Mitt at all and see right through the charade. I say hogwash. Now until August, do not give into the lie they will not allow Ron Paul to win. Every time they say that phrase, they give away the victory to the other side without a fight. It is wrong, it is defeatist and most of all and it is a piss poor excuse not to stand up. I choose not to accept Romney being the favored among the establishment being the presumptive nominee when the convention has not happened yet. His wins have been dishonest which says it is getting ready to backfire when August arrives. I am not ready to give the other side the victory without a fight.

This is the year the American people must have a choice between the genuine and the counterfeit, between good and evil. Never again choosing between the lesser of two evils. Victory belongs to those who choose to believe, people who will not give the victory over to the enemies of freedom without a fight.


  1. I will vote for Ron Paul, PERIOD. If he isn't on my ballot, I will write in his name. My voice, my vote is his. Should it be my neighbors decide something different, so be it...but my voice, my vote is, and will be, for Ron Paul.

  2. Ron John has been an dynamic author and creator since 4 decades ago, when he ..... Over the next few several weeks, Paul's followers clashed with establishment.

  3. So is the vote rigged, or not?

    If it is rigged, voting doesn't matter, so he can't win. If it isn't rigged, Paul legitimately got less than 10%, so he won't win.

    Which is it?

    1. We know the vote IS rigged but that won't matter. They can't rig the Delegates! We will all be there in Tampa and THAT's when we raise hell over the vote rigging! Like all the precincts where there were more delegates voted for than Paul voters? Sure, perfectly understandable AND IMPOSSIBLE. Don't forget- this is a REVOLUTION!! We are going to TAKE our government back. It doesn't need to be violent -- we can just do it with our sheer numbers. Just wait and see what happens in Tampa. Why do you think they put all these anti-protest laws in place? Because millions are going to show up in Tampa. That's why it's important to become a delegate! Be there in an official capacity and they can't kick you out! =)