Thursday, April 5, 2012

Debunking The Government's Excuses for the War on Terror and the on Loss of Liberty

We can all agree the US government is out of control. They are grabbing power and taking away personal freedoms in the name of keeping us safe. We can look back ever since the September 11th attacks and say without a reasonable doubt. This day was used as an excuse to put us on the road of tyranny. With all the attacks on the Bill of Rights. I do not care if you believe 9-11 was a false flag attack or the President knew about it before it happened. Regardless what you believe, this is what reason the government used to expand the Police state.

If Sept 11th was about going after those evil Muslims, going to war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now we are beating the war drums trying to go into Syria and Iran. Then why are they restricting the American people. Why do we need a Patriot act to catch the bad guys? Why do we need a National defense Authorization act? Why do we need a TSA in the airports and soon to be on the Highways and US interstates. Who is the real threat? Well according to the government's twisted logic, they have no credibility. When we see the real threats ignored and phony threats being used to clamp down on the people. The war on terror is a lie from the beginning.

There is no terror threat as the government likes to exaggerate to scare the people into trusting the goverment to protect them from a phony enemy. A goverment that allows illegal aliens to come across the border, they call for the reconquest of the southwestern United States back to Mexico. The pull down the American flags at government buildings and put the flag of a foreign nation. The US goverment does nothing to remove this threat to national security from our mist. The phony threat is us the American people who just want to be left alone. Who want to travel and not be hassled. To spend their money as they see fit and not have their every move watched. What is now normal and good is now suspicious as possible terrorist activity. What is criminal and draconian is now lawful, legal and encouraged by our goverment.

The truth is the Government's war on terror is the biggest threat to the American people. They want now highway checkpoints, to put in a high tech police state in place to track and trace us. All for what? it is not to protect us from brown people who wear rags on their heads. It is the goverment protecting themselves from the people. There is no rational reason for a war on terror. we do not need a TSA, all it did was stopped tourism, They never stopped one terrorist. We do not need a Homeland security because we have the citizens militia which is an armed population. If a Muslim ever tried to kill people here in the name of Jihad. He would fear the private citizens with guns more then the US Government.

The war on terror is a war on the Constitution, a war on humanity and the war on human dignity. I think people are starting to see this war on terror and all this propaganda as a lie they say is to protect us is now a threat to us. This war on terror is phony. I know at the end of the day, the American people will bring an end to the war on terror. When we see firearms sales at an all time high. That means the American people will be the final check on this tyrannical power. I rather face the danger then give up my liberties for a false sense of security. Do you agree?

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