Monday, April 2, 2012

Texas Sheriff Starts Snitch Program Using Iphone Applications.

It is funny how these programs sound reasonable at first, then the real intent rears its ugly head of its real intent. It is a real nightmare waiting to happen. The Harris County Sheriff is starting a snitch program to go after sex offenders. He is encouraging people to call in tips to locate and arrest these fugitives using an Iphone application. I want sex offenders off the streets in jail as a parent myself. I am not willing to sacrifice my freedoms for this program. Like any government program, it is my suspicion, this program might be funded with federal dollars. This is another NAZI stasis style snitch program on steroids with the new technology using these Iphones. This is another Police State Trojan horse in the name of the children going after sex offenders who harm these little ones.

The Harris County Sheriff Department has a new Iphone application that can be downloaded in partnership with Crime Stoppers is setting up a snitch network with these Iphone applications provided by the Harris County Sheriff. When you go to the application webpage to download the application onto your Iphone, look at the real purpose for these applications. There is nothing to mention going after sex offenders on the website. It actually says:

(The grammar on the Sheriffs website I had to clean up to put on my website)

Hello, I am Sheriff Adrian Garcia and I want to thank you for using "I-watch-Harris County" - a virtual crime watch TOOL that you and your neighbors can use to report suspicious or criminal activity.With your active partnership, you will be able to help me keep Harris County safe from DOMESTIC AND international terrorism;SAFE from drug, gun, and human traffickers;and safe from common, every-day thugs!I-watch- Harris County reminds us that when "you" see something, say something!I watch Harris county. Do you?

When I hear the words "protecting us from" od "gun" in this public statement by the county Sheriff. The red flag goes up in my head. Someone like a plumber or someone cleaning my carpet that has one of these Iphones with one of these applications can send information of my gun displayed over the fireplace. Yes I can see them turning me in for owning a gun, the accuser who send this anonymously thinking I am committing a crime just for owning firearms bypassing my fourth amendment right to privacy. So will the Sheriff and crime stoppers give bounties out for  snitching on people who own guns legally next? Can these applications be used to build a database to locate who own guns by entering in the information on these Iphones to be uploaded to the Sheriff‘s office?

With these new applications to used by law enforcement employing the people to snitch on their neighbors, using these Iphones is very scary. I always see the police state plays on the good intentions of the people to sell something to the public. Please beware all these programs all have a hidden agenda for a purpose far more sinister. I do not trust using this snitch program starting for just sex offender using the new technology available. Programs like these can far expand into other areas violating people’s privacy for other nefarious reasons.

Technology is a two edged sword, It can be used for good and for bad purposes. Depending on who is in control? Well with one of the Iphone applications, here is how you can put it to good use for the good of the children. If they want to go after the real sex offenders who break the law daily who is not arrested yet. Just take the Iphone down to Hobby or Bush Intercontinental airports and turn in the TSA for the groping the children and for violating state laws on touching people without a person's consent. Then we might be able to clean up Houston.

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