Monday, April 2, 2012

Real Gun Control is the People Disarming the Federal Government

One of the biggest causes of premature death of people that far surpasses car accidents, plagues and natural death is the hand of the tyrannical government. It is the government that should not be trusted with guns. The BATF will raid a house of a home with a person who has a thousand rounds of ammunition and a few rifles. On the six o'clock news, the feds will call it an arsenal. When the government buys 450 million rounds, it is preparation. They will deny a veteran the right to keep and bear arms for PTSD due to being in combat. At the same time, the government will gladly allow some veterans who came back from multiple deployments from Iraq and Afghanistan who are mentally unstable to wear a police uniform being allowed to carry a gun and a badge..

This is the same government nearly 19 years ago burned down the Branch Davidian Church in Waco Texas. A little over 20 years ago, government agents at the siege at Ruby Ridge Idaho fatally wounded both teen-age boy and his mother. There have been abuses by government agents working for the IRS, the FBI, DEA, Homeland Security and the BATF over the years when the use of force was not necessary. They break their own laws we would go to prison for. So tell me, who is the threat? Is it us or them with the guns?

 They break down doors with no knock warrants in the middle of the night, with a good number of those searches being the wrong house. They terrorize children and innocent families for no reason. The government going in with their guns drawn on unsuspecting people raiding organic food stores when force was not needed says one thing needs to be done. I do not think the people are going to wait for congress to pass a law to stop it. Never mind fearing the people being armed being the problem. It is the government cannot be trusted with too many guns.

It is time for Real Gun control which is the People disarming the government of their guns they are abusing the American people with. The government has too many guns and too many people who are mentally unstable who should not get a gun and a badge in the first place. The only federal agents who should have guns are the Federal Marshals, the Secret Service ,the Treasury Department and the Border patrol, which are constitutional functions that require the agents to be armed. The other alphabet soup agencies should not be armed because they are not constitutional. For many years, the FBI agents did not carry firearms.

It is time for the people to disarm the Federal government; they have become a threat to the safety and security of the American people. They are a rogue band of criminals running wild. The President wants to disarm us because they do not have a monopoly on deadly force. We have seen what happens when the people are disarmed and the government has all the guns. We see mass murder and genocides. We see mass graves. This is why the government must be disarmed of its unconstitutional powers by removing the guns away from agents acting outside the Constitution.

Lawful Federal agents are armed because the people delegated the right to keep and bear arms to these hired officers to perform a function for the safety and security of the nation. I know when Obama tries to send out police and soldiers to do house to house searches to confiscate the guns. We might see not the people being disarmed, but the government. With those 450 million rounds of ammunition, DHS just purchased. All those bullets might all be put back into the proper hands where it belongs. That is with the people and the militia.

Using the Treyvon saga to go after the right to self-defense and the right to keep and bear arms will not work. People know the scam of gun control. When there are 5 million purchases of firearms of month by the people because they do not trust the government. They can go after the ammunition and the gun all they want. At the end of the day, it will be the people who will disarm the government. It is not the people who need to be disarmed. It is the government where gun control is needed. Even Ron Paul says the government is the one who needs to be disarmed, not the people. What is your opinion?

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  1. REALLY! Disarm the Feds and throw out congress, president Lobobama, and the SCOTUS. I feel free now for awhile. Babysitting that troop of baboons gets to be a bit much sometimes.