Sunday, April 1, 2012

America's History of Armed Tax Revolts. Can it Happen Again?

What is being taught about history in the classroom and what really happened is two different things. We never hear about the history of when the people revolt over unjust taxes, we hear about protest and marches. We are lucky if the Boston Tea Party is being taught in the classroom and books. We only hear about the calls for civil disobedience from various activists. Sometimes they work making changes needed. Other times, they are not enough to go the distance to correct injustices. We as Americans are rich in history of armed tax revolts, it is just never talked about anymore in history classes.

One of the most oppressive things that can be imposed on the people is unreasonable taxes that do not benefit the people, but interest that do seek to enrich themselves only. Taxation is theft. We fought a war with England over this. When the war ended and we became independent as a free nation no longer under the British crown. The scallywags in power here tried to bring the banking system back into the United States with the First National Bank under the advice of Alexander Hamilton.

One of the terms for peace is England wanted us to pay for war reparations after we won and beat the redcoats. What such audacity, people as Alexander Hamilton thought we should pay England's war debt. I am not talking about the war debt to France and Spain. The British Crown wanted to pay the war debt for the war for independence also. Not just the French and Indian wars of the 1760s.

This is why they wanted to draft the US Constitution to pay off the war debt with a centralized government. This started a war between the Federalist and the Anti Federalist. The people who wanted a central bank of the United States wanted a Constitution using the auspices we have to pay off this war debt. Part of that debt was war reparations to Great Britain.

The Shays Rebellion, which happened before the Constitution, was ratified by the Free states. I have a hard time reconciling with as a noble insurrection because on one side they wanted to State Legislature to print up paper money backed by nothing to get the economy going which was not good. One the other side of the equation, the politicians were paid high salaries. Farmers were paying high taxes on their land to pay for the war. There was the protest of debtor’s prisons also that had the people in an uprising. One of injustices the early colonist fought so hard to be rid of. The Shays rebellion was a tax revolt that is still debated as an act of treason or noble uprising.

The Fries's rebellion was a new tax imposed on Property and slaves. This was the first direct tax or what we call an income tax being imposed to pay for a standing Army and Navy to pay for an undeclared war supposedly with France called the Quasi war of 1798. It was so bad, even tax collectors resigned then be shot.

Then there is the Whiskey Rebellion where there was a tax on spirits. People were not too happy having their whiskey being subject to a sin tax. This tax was imposed to pay the war debt to Great Britain not for the French and Indian wars. However, for the war reparations for a war we won throwing out the King's army. This is the agreement upon singing the Treaty of Paris. It was agreed the colonies would pay Great Britain's war debt thanks to a few sellouts at the negotiating table. That has been the history in war in many cases. We lose all we gained on the battlefield at the negotiating table.

Moving forward to today in moderns times All our simple pleasure or tobacco products, beer, wine and other spirits are taxed to excess. We tolerate too many taxes on everything we buy, our earnings and what we own already. It is said we work the first five months, we work to pay off the government in taxes. The early Americans would have started shooting at ten percent of these taxes imposed on us. The question is how long it will last.

We look at the taxes being proposed today could be the straw that breaks the camel's back. We look at Obamacare and these Carbon taxes being imposed. We are looking at a global tax now to fund the UN. We look at present taxes being raised with services being cut to pay the Bankers… We are seeing this in European countries where the government is raising taxes to pay off a debt they do not owe or to benefit a special interest that does not serve the welfare or well-being of the people.

The Bankers by fraud made some countries sign onto a debt they do not owe that belong to the robber barons. They use financial terrorism and economic warfare to coerce nations to accept this debt. Then these nations are forced to raise taxes, sign over their infrastructure, and cut services to pay the banker's debt.

All these burdensome taxes that stated rebellions and revolts is. All these taxes had nothing to do with paying for the public interest and all the taxes were going to benefit a small group of people for their enrichment to pay for something or a debt they do not owe. Can we see a major tax revolt again with Obama imposing Obamacare with newly hire IRS agents to try to force us to pay for Obamacare or to pay for Al Gore's carbon tax? Even though injustices we may suffer for a time, there is a breaking point where the people will say enough. That is paying for taxes we never consented and opposed. I feel the breaking point coming and it does not look pretty.

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