Friday, April 6, 2012

The American People Will Be the Final Check on Obamacare and the Dictator's Unlawful Decrees

If this President thinks, he can ignore his limitations on his power and get away with it. He is living a life of an illusion and in a delusional state. This narcissistic man in the White House will learn the hard way and the arrogance ignoring the Bill of Rights and Constitution will be his downfall The American people overwhelmingly rejected Obamacare. The majority of the states reject this law. This court battle is not over regardless of the court's ruling coming in June.

This President is already in contempt of court for not allowing oil drilling permits to be issued after the Deep Water Horizon disaster, He has ignored congress when they rejected Cap and Trade and he is using the bureaucracy to implement it by writing draconian regulations. He has ignored going to congress going to war in Libya. He has disregarded the rule of law. He might see a major push back if the US Supreme Court throws out Obamacare in its entirety as unconstitutional. His arrogance will be his downfall.

If the President is ignoring congress over the power to declare war and now next the ruling of the US Supreme Court that might possibly rule the whole law unconstitutional. When he ignores the ruling, then tries to implement Obamacare when the Court struck down the law being unconstitutional or not. It will now be up to the people to be the final check on the power of the President. We have told congress that was run by Democrats and the Leftist President we do not want this law. We elected a Republican congress to repeal this law. They have failed. Many of the States have failed to act.

It is now up to the American people to be the final check on power. It will not be only with Obamacare, it is with the TSA coming on American streets or harassing people at garage sales. The IRS might abolish itself if they go out and threaten people who refuse to pay for Obamacare and these other burdensome rules imposed on them. They cannot ignore gun sales on the rise to all time records since he took office as President The people are about to say who is really the boss of this country and it is not Obama. The wretched IRS might grind to a halt with the lack of operatives because the people are at the breaking point. They might strike back against this tyrannical government that tries to take what little they have left.

Those new booths that are being purchased by Homeland security to be at check points. They may be bulletproof. They will not withstand a Perterbuilt 379 running it over with a full loaded trailer because the truck driver gets sick and tired of being harassed by these potbelly goons everyday. We can see people using some of those 450 million rounds of ammunition they just purchased being used against the tyrants in government. The people in power are not playing with a full deck of cards. They do not have the manpower to withstand a backlash from the people. The TSA, which is the most, hated people in American and around the world. What they think they can get away with in the airports will not work on the streets of America for long. The American people are not the threat to national security. They just want to be left alone and for the government to mind their own business…

The American people will be the final check on this out of control President who thinks he is a dictator. This is why the founders gave us the right to free speech and the right to keep and bear arms. Because we are the final check on the government's power in the end. If they government will not voluntarily reduce its size and power back to inside the confines of the Constitution. Then the American people will do it being the final check on the government.


  1. I'm afraid you are correct. But that's a good thing.

  2. "The American people will be the final check on this out of control President who thinks he is a dictator."

    Sure, they will.
    Like the German People were a final check on Hitler?


    1. Interesting....Answer me this; What was the percentage of total American population that actually fought the British? I'm afraid even today those numbers will not change. Only a small percentage will have the backbone to standup & say, we've had enough!