Saturday, March 10, 2012

The kony Scam, the Bigger Picture, It is about AFRICOM and more wars we cannot afford.

This "Stop Kony" campaign is now being rammed down the kid’s throats in the public schools. I have to undue the Kony lie from my children's minds sharing from my own personal experience. My kids are well meaning and impressionable. They can be naive and gullible because propagandist will exploit children's good intentions to advance an agenda. I just wonder was this campaign thought out in the White House so they can have an excuse to invade Uganda. They are using are kids to influence the parents to think we have to invade a sovereign country?

Many parents did not want the kids to see Obama on the big screen in the Public schools when he was addressing the kids. They see that Obama was trying to use the kids to get to the parents to sell his agenda. Many dictators in the past used the children for their purpose. Since Obama cannot use the school big screen anymore to get kids to sell the President's agenda to mom and dad using the children. Can this be a well-crafted public relations stunt to form a public outcry to invade Uganda to stop Kony? The truth will come out if it was a planned agenda coming out of the White House to justify invading an African country. The agenda to invade Uganda under AFRICOM was already planned way before Kony sob story gone viral all over YouTube.

It sounds very familiar when almost twenty years ago. President H.W. Bush invaded Somalia because the reason the warlords were stealing the relief food. They were using food as a weapon starving the children. When we left the country months later, it was because we messed that up imposing our will on them. It was a quagmire because we invaded a country that was not a national security risk. Seeing George H. W Bush's globalist leanings for his New World Order he always talked about. There was a different reason why we invaded Somalia. I do not trust humanitarian reasons to invade a country anymore. It has not worked in Libya and it is not going to work in Syria. We can see there is always an ulterior motive why we invade sovereign nations.

Where I was really deceived was in my teens watching MTV. In late 1984 and 1985, a campaign was started to stop the hunger in Ethiopia. Bob Geldoff of the Boomtown Rats releasing a song with Britain's famous musicians and celebrities Called Band Aid singing "Do they Know it is Christmas time" and the American version with Producer Quincy Jones and American entertainment celebrities singing "We are the World". Later that year in Philadelphia and London, a big even was planned as a major fundraiser. They had a big concert called "Live Aid". This really tugged at my heartstrings. I purchased both 45-RPM records thinking I was feeding Starving Africans children. When Live Aid came that following summer of 1985 with satellite up-link between the UK and the US broadcasted on MTV. I donated $25 thinking I was helping people.

When the truth came out years later, I was appalled. All that money raised was diverted away from were it was supposed to go. It went to feed the Ethiopian communist rebels instead. The money was not for the starving people. What a waste. I was suckered exploiting my good intentions thinking I was helping people; instead, I was funding the communist. When I was younger in elementary school who did not know any better. I would go out, stand in front of the supermarket, and ask people to donate to UNICEF. It was after the fact I leaned years later, these UNICEF funds were used to fund Communist takeovers in other countries. They use to send these UNICEF boxes home with my kids. I would not allow them to go out and raise money for the UN, if the money is going to be used to enslave people. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The Kony campaign exploiting the good intentions of the young children could be a White House ploy to get the children to influence the parents and public opinion. Why are they using the public schools to sell this? Why are they not selling this to the adults like us? It is because we would see right through it. Kony is Uganda's problem. It is not an American problem. We have enough trouble here on American soil to be really outraged about. Kony is not the only war Lord to recruit children as soldiers. Africa is full of these War Lords using these children for their armies. They are pickling on Uganda, It is because the White House and the Pentagon already has plans to invade the African nations. They are just selling Kony as an excuse as they used Saddam's weapons of mass destruction that never existed and Iran's nuclear program they cannot prove exist as a reason to start a war.

Beware of the Kony fraud, this man with child soldiers is a Uganda problem and not our problem. We have enough Americans here in distress that needs our attention right here. Besides, we do not need any more enemies. When it seems like we are going to invade because of moral reasons because it pulls at our heartstrings. We only make things worse for them and us. Do you agree? to the young kids, Charity starts at home and in our communities. Beware of the Kony scam, Do not get burned.

I seen this type of scam they use to pull at our hearts before using different people and situations. As Americans we are decent people, we are generous when the world has a need. We always responded in mass We just have to know be aware not to be scammed one more time by a tear jerking story. Kony sounds like a scam from the get go.


  1. I agree completely.

    Both my Jr high & high school kids came home talking about it Friday.

    Like you I had to deprogram them. if there was such travesty and something had to be done, what about the kids here in the US that are being exploited in the sex trade. Shipped off to the middle east, Asia or eastern Europe?

    This was just a scam to raise money that would never make any place good.

    i know a friend who has $500M in Zaire. I need your bank info so we can get it into the US. Can you help? ;)

  2. Your article is very good and shows how the public school kids are often manipulated for political purposes and how that has been going on for decades. (I noticed that young woman in the video linked said she wanted to inspire other kids to become "global citiens" What a disgusting young person! Trying to get other other young people to be part of the one world death and slavery system!) Also your story highlights the Hegelian nature of this scam. They set up the reason, the original PROBLEM, why we have to go in and attack Uganda. the SOLUTION, when that was their plan anyway from the beginning. They use the kids to gin up the REACTION part of the scam.

    I think Christian Americans ought to be directly helping African people, but there are few funds and organizations that I trust to do this honestly and for the highest Christian brotherly love reasons, but here is ONE African charity I know is good and honest in every way.

    I would like to encourage everyone to send a donation for the Nigerian families of the victims that were bombed in their (Catholic) church services on New Years Day. One woman lost her husband and three of her four children and the last child is in the hospital with a severe brain injury. There were other places in this town in Nigeria that were hit badly on the same day. Here is a 5 minute video about this atrocity.

    To see about sending or using PayPal to send a donation to the families of those killed and injured at the Church, here is the contact information. A priest who is the head of that Church is receiving ALL of the donations collected for them by USA's

    To contact us by email :

    To contact us by telephone : 248-545-5716

    To contact us by mail :
    22007 Woodward Ave
    Ferndale MI 48220


  4. I'm starting to think that the anti-invisible children defamation campaign is a plot by the government to keep the people from uniting under a single goal and realizing our true power. Are you in on it? I don't see any factual references (related to Kony or invisible children) in your article, only heresay and baseless conspiracy theory. There are people who actually do want to find the truth and so far it seems like most that are crying foul are not counted among them.

    If it is a scam, show me the evidence. Otherwise it just sounds like you want to feel better about not being part of a solution.

    So far I have not seen anyone who has claimed this is a ploy to invade Uganda respond to Invisible Children's response to accusations in which they clearly state that their ultimate goal is a peaceful one, and that they want Kony arrested alive and tried fairly for his crimes. Would you care to be the first?

    1. Oh god, you clearly've got no clue, why would the senate us to not-support the invisible children movement if they'd already sent troops there before.

      The biggest reason this is a scam is because the true p+r behind it is not the ugandan kid crying. It's that the video makes you feel like you've got a voice in the government. That is the underlying reason for people to support it. Power to the people is something thought of by the government just so that people will only use their "power" once the government makes such a video released.

      I hope i explained my point clearly since I am not a native english speaker.


  5. Action needs to be focused at home. These types of overseas efforts merely disperse the power of the people. Eventually people will learn. Raise your children to raise their children, not other people's children.