Saturday, March 10, 2012

Houston Fans Win, Astros Will Be Able to Put the Colt 45 Six Shooter Back on Throwback Uniforms

I am happy Texans and Astros fans in the Houston area spoke out demanding the colt 45 six shooter put back on the throwback uniforms. Having the gun removed in the first place was PC run wild saying there might be gun fights in the stadium parking lot if the gun is on the jersey. Thank You Astros fans for speaking up and getting major league Baseball to back off with such nonsense in the first place. We all have the  right to keep and bear arms even when it is on our clothing. Now lets get this nonsense out of the public school were kids cannot draw a picture of a gun putting them in jail with their parents. Lets not forget, the Atlanta Braves get that Tomahawk put back on their jerseys next.

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