Tuesday, January 3, 2012

To Iowa GOP. Destroy Ron Paul, You Will Destroy Yourself by Your Own Hand.

                If there is voter fraud this Tuesday in Iowa to deny the people their choice of who the republican nominee will be. There might be hell to pay by the people in this farming state with pitchforks as long as the eye can see. The leadership does not make the party. It is the people that should decide who should lead. If there is anyone in the Iowa GOP leadership conspiring to steal the election away from Rep.Ron Paul. You might find yourself out of a job, then placed in a jail cell awaiting trial for treason for giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the state of Iowa. Treason is in the Iowa state Constitution as well as the US Constitution.

                 Election fraud is treason because they are overthrowing the will of the people at the ballot box placing corrupt people in office to assault our republican form of government. I do not think the people will sit by idly and allow these party hacks to rig the vote. The candidates who have full knowledge of the vote being stolen for their ill gotten ballots needs to be disqualified immediately prohibited from holding office or running for office again. The people who are undermining the integrity of our elections in the state party and national party are the ones responsible for the sad state of affairs. They are responsible for the illegal immigration problem and the police state causing us to lose our freedoms. Ron Paul poses a threat to the establishment because the people in the status quo have a lot to lose.

               A Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum win would be a real fluke. Why because in all the debates, these men were given more time to speak then Ron Paul. They made their case and the people seen them lacking hearing the same old tired rhetoric. If Mitt and Rick did not put a fire in the belly of the people back in the beginning of the race.What is so different now? Mitt flip flops and Rick Santorum just wants to bomb sovereign nations. Besides the former Pennsylvania Senator to me is just the media's new flavor of the week like Newt,Rick Perry and Herman Cain were. He will not last either because he was part of the reason why this nation is in so much debt and in these wars for conquest. He is just another media government created illusion.

               The alternative media will politically destroy of the former Senator also because Rick Santorum's voting record in the US Senate can be called into question not being on the right side of the issues too. He is only a one term Senator the people threw out in 2006 because the people wanted to end the war in Iraq. Mitt Romney as governor of Massachusetts signed Obamacare on the state level. If these men could not fire up the voters from the start, then no matter what they say will ever do it. The people have nothing in common with these neo cons and see Ron Paul as the man for the people and for the rule of law.

                The republican party does not know the level of discontent of the people out there who are angry. I think they underestimated the level of animosity to people have against the system. I think they are sick and tired of being screwed. I do not think if they steal the election for an undeserving candidate the people do not want. There will be hell to pay. I do not think the people for Ron Paul in Iowa will not sick quietly and allow the leadership inside the Iowa GOP get away with stealing the election. There will be a public backlash if there proven election fraud this time around.The political establishment might destroy themselves trying to destroy Ron Paul. There will be hell to pay if they steal the election. 2012 is the year of unintended consequences. We can see this start of this happening when they steal the vote. Action do have consequences. The republican party will assure thier own destruction of they try to destroy Ron Paul.


  1. nWo......4 LIFE!!!!!

  2. I believe there was FRAUD and that is why Dr.Paul ended with 1/3 less support than immediately prior to the caucus.
    He was shown with 30% prior and supposedly tallied 21%. He was robbed!
    The gop said they wouldn't let him win before the election and it would seem they didn't.