Monday, January 2, 2012

No One is Safe Under NDAA, No Even the Ruling Class or the Military.

               One of the most dangerous things is about giving the Military the right to detain Americans for any reason without any evidence or probable cause is a very slippery slope. No one is protected under this new law. Commanders and rank and file people in the military can be thrown into the stockade or the brig for opposing the President. The President is not even safe. The US military is not the service I enlisted in over 25 years ago. it is not a force of good anymore, but now of evil and despotism. They are mercenaries for corporations and bankers using the American flag in our name.

               The Military no longer protects the people of these United States. They are for empire building abroad and now quashing dissent at home. Some of the Generals that serve in the Pentagon are globalist. They are on the Council of Foreign Relations, They are members of the Trilateral commission and some have attended Builderburger meetings. Colin Powell who is well known for Desert Storm was a member of the CFR. When I was in the Army, General Wickem who was the army chief of staff was a member of the CFR. These officers work for the Money junkies, not for the republic.

              Before they start arresting civilians. We can see Non Commissioned Officers, Field Grade commanders, Flag Officers and members of the General Staff disappear to avoid any leadership rising up opposing the regime, they want them out of the way. They do not want a pro liberty faction inside the Military opposing the illegal and Immoral orders of the President. We can see Senators and Congressmen who might just disappear if there is a move to stop the Military from abusing the people or removing a President who is trying to be a dictator out of office. We can even see a Military coup with a General taking orders from the Bankers to remove a President who is going to shut down the Federal Reserve Bank. No one is safe anymore. We can State Legislatures, Governors, mayors, police chiefs, county commissioners, constables, coroners , and city councilmen being arrested to stop secession from the union or defying the federal goverment. President Lincoln arrested the Maryland Legislature so they would not vote on leaving the union

              What congress did  was destroy the Constitution. This law not only declares war on the people. It is a declaration against a freedom and our heritage. This bill which is now law that not only poses a threat of a Dictator waging war against a free people. We stand the risk of a Military coup also. This law must be challenged and just because this new law if frightening. We must not allow this to send a chilling effect and were we shrink in fear. We must not have our wills broken by tyrants . We are seeing the death throws of an empire dying thinking it is invincible abroad and at home. This is not the death of a republic. NDAA allows us to rediscover liberty and give us the chance to set things right. It is going to be we the people whom have to stop this thrust towards tyranny. Out leaders failed and not we cannot fail each other.


  1. The NDAA bill as TREASON. It's UNCONSTITUTIONAL, so arrest everyone responsible for it first, send them to Gitmo for some good 'ol fashioned waterboardin', then get rid of it.


  2. Good blog, a couple of words need correcting.

  3. It is TREASON and UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! However, We need to charge the people appropriately in a court of law and let a jury of there peers determine the outcome. Follow the Constitution at all costs!

  4. N....W....O!!!! 4 LIFE!!!!!

  5. Once upon a time there was a large black man in control of his country who dinned upon his citizens, he called himself IDIE EMEN or something similar the spelling is unimportant the important part is the eating of honest tax paying citizens!

    In America today you may think that hundreds of millions of armed American citizens would kill anybody that tried to eat them alive for supper, BUT WAIT!!!

    We are AFRICA NOW! OUR MILITARY IS FROM AFRICA and MEXICO(also lots of canabals) AMERICANS WILL BE EATEN ALIVE it has already started,and they will be to scared to say BOO!

  6. Shut up and die!

  7. The fact that none of the "Oathkeeper" generals or high ranking military officers have not parked tanks on the WH and Capitol lawn has me believing we are screwed...there may be 200 million armed Americans out here, however "We the People" do not have tanks or sound cannons or radar weapons to protect U.S. however the military does and have been giving them to civil law enforcement, what does that tell you, where are the Thomas Paine's of our modern times, even myself, I am too scared of being taken away from my family "forever" because I call this TREASON! WTF AMERICA where are our BALLS, where are our sons and daughters in the military who should lay down their arms and "Just Say NO"? We are f'in lost...we are about to know exactly what it was like to be a jew in Germany in 1940!!! I really want to puke at the "moral majority" of America the lost! you let them steal our country, our sacred Bill of Rights our sacred Habeus Corpus...“Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” Bye Bye American Pie!!!!!!!!!!!!! The American Dream is now truly a nightmare of our own making!