Monday, January 16, 2012

Teen Girl Comes Under Fire Using Daddy's Gun to Fight Off Home Invaders

             This girl should get a medal for using daddy;'s gun to fight off burglars trying to break into their home in Texas city, Texas. I was listening to the so called conservative talk show host saying it might not be a good idea for a teen to use a firearm to defend herself at home. To me, she done right and never should feel ashamed about brandishing a handgun in self defense to protect her home. The truth is when guns were banned in the United Kingdom, Home invasions sky rocketed and crime increased, not decreased because the people were disarmed.

             This is the same story they said in Montana a couple of years ago. A preteen shot dead illegal aliens in Butte Montana came under the same fire for a child using a firearm to defend his home. Both children need to feel no shame about what they did. The right to defend themselves against unwanted visitors trying to steal property and do harm is a natural right of self preservation. The audacity of the gun control crowd to say children should not be using gun to defend themselves. These two young people done what was needed to be done. Defend themselves and not be a victim.

             To heart the commentators try to make a controversy about a teen using a handgun to fight off home invaders. There is nothing controversial about it. It is just another desperate attempt by the anti gun crowd to push gun control. Daddy should go buy her daughter a 44 magnum and a 357 as a reward. Self defense is a right, not a privileged. If Texas had Chicago style control laws. This teen girl might have been raped or dead. When the police are minute away seconds count. Good thing Dad left the handgun at home.


  1. I have a pick axe. Is that better? More fun, maybe. Even messier to do clean-up, though.

  2. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone!

  3. My dad called it the 12 by 6 rule:
    Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.


  4. Best to decide by 1's self, rather than be carried by 6 or judged by 12.

    And, if necessary, force 1's decision for oneself upon everyone else.

    To hell with majority rule and unanimous votes!

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