Monday, January 16, 2012

Before they Condemn Ron Paul's First Class Flights

              What such hypocrisy we see among the media and critics complaining about Ron Paul flying first class? Are these the same people who fly on private jets and bypass the TSA groping and full body scanners. The Texas congressmen does have to tolerate the groping and all the intrusive measures putting up with the TSA. I do not care if the congressmen flies first class. I wish I can fly first class if I have the. Well then these people should fly coach if they want to set the example. What hypocrites using this flying first class accusation. It shows they are getting desperate trying to find something to stick to smear his good name.

               It has been reported most Congressmen, Senators and even the Speaker of the House John Boehner all walk around the TSA checkpoints. Newt takes money from Fanny and Freddie Mac. Mitt Romney takes funding from the major mega banks. Rick Santorum uses charity money to pay off his buddies. But they have the audacity to complain about Ron Paul flying first class? This is a man who always returns the unused funds of his congressional office expenses back to the treasury. What audacity and arrogance of people to make such an allegation thinking flying first class is a bad thing?  

              It shows they are getting desperate because Ron Paul's trajectory in popularity to beat Romney and Obama has the system scared. They used actors posing as KKK, they accused him of being a racist because past newsletters. Nothing is sticking anymore. Ron Paul always flown first class for many years, all of sudden it is now a problem. I have no complaints of Dr. No using campaign money to fly first class. When congress and the other republican candidates volunteer to go through a TSA check point like Ron Paul puts up with and flies coach instead of first class. Then the critics might have some credibility, the first class allegations is another desperate attempt to fight a losing battle they already lost long ago.


  1. Anyone who voted for the TSA should be forced to go through screening and all congress should be forced to fly commercial.

    Why are you blocking my AOLID "Ryan". I want to use that. Stop please.

  2. Well they do have different jobs. If there is a man that makes money from his job then I have no problem with it. But when you are a public servant making money from tax payers dollars then yeah I have a problem with them taking first class flights. I don't think that representatives should make more than the average person that they represent.