Sunday, January 15, 2012

Economic Liberty is Just as Important as our Personal Freedoms .

                I can tell the new banking laws under the Dodd/Frank is a major assault not only our right to privacy. It also attacks our economic liberty as well. The IRS along with Homeland Security now watches all our transactions in real time now if we use debit or credit cards. When we go withdraw a certain amount of our money from our own bank accounts. Now they ask what is our reason for such a large sum of money? What is our intentions for using this money. The war on drugs and terror now take away our financial privacy which is part of our economic liberties because the IRS wants to know.

              These fabricated wars the goverment wages on the people is a farce. They screw up and we have to pay for. A false flag 9-11 attacks gave us the patriot act. Government not enforcing immigration laws, with no intention securing the southern border. Now we get the Real ID act. Money junkies make bad choices and get bail outs. We get the Dodd/Frank banking bill. Government gets involved in Healthcare for decades causing prices to rise faster then inflation. We get Obamacare and HMOs which was Obamacare light. Last but not least the Federal Reserve Act that assaults our economic liberties because we have no control over the value of our currency because monetary policy congress handed over to a private central bank.

               We are in a damn if we do, damn if we don't. We can pull our cash from the bank, we will be interrogated by the teller for what reason we are using our own money for, get turned into the IRS in the name of the war on terror or drugs. If we do not use cash, we use our credit and bank cards. What we spend our money on is scrutinized too because the US goverment monitors our transactions in real time because we might be giving money to a patriot group that is deemed a terrorist group like Gun Owners of America or the Ron Paul for President Campaign. If we use cash, Homeland Security tells Hotel and Resorts that using cash to pay for the room might be deemed suspicious activity. If we get stopped on the Highway and we have $300 cash on our person. We can have it confiscated without charge because it might be drug money.

              All these draconian policies assault our economic liberties which is our personal freedoms because it affects our behavior because everything we spend with cash or electronically is watched by the goverment no matter what the mundane reason is. Big brother is looking over our shoulder seeing how we spend our own money. Whether it is tax policies and draconian financial laws. They are all designed to alter our behavior because everything we do is watched and monitored by the federal goverment. If we buy guns, ammo, storeable food or by a book by a well known patriot. The goverment knows and is hoping to send a chilling effect so we will not give to patriot organization in fear of being put on a DHS list. Using economic warfare in the name of the war on terror to alter the behavior of the people is the goal of the tyrants.

              The only way we can get our economic liberties back which is our personal freedoms is the overwhelm the system. If people in mass buy guns, ammo, support patriot causes and libertarian minded candidates running for office. The system only has so many people to monitor all this data with so much time in a day. If we do it ion mass, they cannot keep up with it. We must not let fear and big brother alter our economic behavior . It is our money, we not only vote with our feet going to the polls. We have to vote with our wallets. Diebold cannot lie when  we vote with our money when we make a statement in mass.


  1. Show proof that people get $300 confiscated from them for no reason. Also, I have never been interrogated taking out money from the bank, neither has anyone I know.

    If "we do it ion mass"??? Why would anyone "do" an ion mass? You couldn't because it is microscopic.

  2. to Anonymous
    Don't be a "dickhead",it's your country and future too....

  3. Hello,
    You are right on so many levels.
    I currently work in the healthcare field and sometimes start my day off by asking everyone 'why are we here today?, we don't help anyone'. There are two types of healthcare; 1. treatments (which only keep the money flowing into the hospital system until the patient either can't afford the treatments anymore or they die because of the treatments) AND 2. direct trauma fix ex. broken bones, etc.

    My point is that both types of healthcare only get us in just good enough health to put all of us back on the same hamster wheel to raise our individual bond value so that the government can collect insurance on all of us upon our death.

    thanks for your time and your site

  4. Hey Realman,

    What happened to anonymous? Get tired of hearing what people really think?

    1. Sorry I have to police my site, if a person is going to make a comment, I have to know who they are because people abused it.

  5. Sorry, that was uncalled for. However, you're wrong. The battle will never be won fighting on their turf. If you don't go back to cash, regardless of what the wienie bank teller asks, we'll always be in their reporting system. Regardless of whether it is a debit, credit, lone star, or insurance card, the government pukes will be watching. They also monitor phones, computers, social networking sites (imagine, every facebook participant willingly tells the CIA who their friends are and what they are doing), twitter, you name it. They have the best brains money can buy making the surveillance system that much bigger and better every day. Get out or get screwed. Your choice.

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