Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Very Small Chance a Politcal Solution Will End the Federal Reserve Bank. It might Take Force to Do it

              We are going to have to face facts. The central bankers rigged the political system to a point they control both parties. It is next to impossible to get rid of them by the ballot box or by just calling your congress man or woman. If a President does challenge the central bankers issuing US treasury note competing with the Federal Reserve notes. They killed JFK because he did challenge the banking cartel. He was not a puppet the bankers thought he was.

              I do not see a political solution defeating the Federal Reserve system and abolishing the private central bank. It is going to have to be dealing with the bankers head on to be rid off these oligarchs besides using the political system. When the central bank controls the congress and the President. Even some state governors. It is next to impossible to put political pressure on our elected servants to get rid of this ball and chain called the Federal Reserve Bank. Why Am I saying this and come to the conclusion to this. To get the rude awakening that these Money junkies and Power freaks who are the super wealthy have robbed us. We cannot bargain or  make deals with them to beg a few crumbs off the masters table. There is no sense negotiating with them. The only way to drive them out of America is to deal with it head on and not resort to political solutions that are rigged by these oligarchs. If we try to get rid of the Central bank playing by their rules when they control the game, our efforts will be in vain and no fruitful results.

                The people of Iceland arrested the bankers and politicians who were defrauding the people. They did not wait for a political solution. The people by force stormed the goverment offices and bankers demanding these people be brought to justice. The fraud was exposed that the bankers and their payed for politicians signed on the people to pay a debt they did not owe. The ballot box will not work and the legislative process does not seem like another means to use either because the to corrupt interest control the game. The People of the Ukraine stormed their goverment building and their former prime minister is now facing justice for doing the bidding form the bankers. It can be done. They can be defeated.

                I am not calling for violence, when push comes to shove and our goverment will not correct the injustice no matter how much pressure is to bear on them from the people. We can see the people storm the banks and the goverment offices were the lawmakers meet. People might have to resort to force to remove the bankers from the country to get their republic back. When the system is rigged to benefit then bankers with nothing to chance. We will end up on the losing side if we play by their rules.

                The sad reality is that we might have to use force to take over the Federal Reserve Bank to see what they really up to so we can see everything. I hope it does not come to that, but the truth is their has never been a political solution to get rid of the bankers. We might have to deal with it head on making arrest and shutting down the central bank altogether after that so the place can get a real independent audit. The political system is too corrupt to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank and it might have to take for the next President to take action using the police power without congress to go after the Federal Reserve to shut it down. Getting rid of the fed might take much more than the ballot box or calling our member of congress or the Senators. it might take doing something we do not want to do. We may have no choice if we do not want to live as debt slaves. The Bankers were not afraid to use force to remove leaders who will not play ball. Why should we be any different?



  1. If anyone really thinks that the globalist elite will just walk away and say "sorry" is disillusional.

    It will take force to stop them. They will not give up their plans to rule us all unless they are done away with.

    The talk of a peaceful revolution to this extent is a waste of time while they are arming their cronies to bash our heads.

    Wake Up people.

  2. Do to them what they did to JFK

  3. Yah right. YOu lead the way. Looks like a typical FBI call to action. Note that most if not all the so called terrorist acts were FBI engineered operations, so called stings better called entrapment. SO good luck. As for me the best way is to not use their money. Enlightened disengagement will set you free.

  4. “Anyone who clings to the historically untrue -- and -- thoroughly immoral doctrine that violence never solves anything I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler would referee. Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor; and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and their freedoms.”

    - Robert A. Heinlein

  5. The evil that men do continues generation following generation. All are born, all die, but this absurd system of evil lingers like radioactivity to irradiate the next generation and mutate them. Men do not want freedom, they want to be domestic cattle. It was beyond my ability as a child to comprehend this system, why anyone obeyed, gave consent, and now as an adult I can only say it is an infection of the imagination or custom that permits it to continue. The enemy is us. The enemy is our willingness to accept the numerous small tyrannies in exchange for the coin of the realm. We can abolish the bankers, but will we then live like men?

  6. Where will that force come from to stop the banksters???
    How many times will the dingbats REFUSE to get it- that the bankers control the military just as much as they do the media and the political parties?

    Remove your money from their banks, and refuse to repay your credit cards.

  7. The American people could do an end run about the Fed. If each state would like North Dakota create its own state bank under current laws that alone would diminish the power of the Fed significantly. Eventually it would bring its demise. North Dakota garnered a 19% return on the peoples money last year is spite of all this economic turmoil. There are some tools available to us we just need to use them.

  8. How can you be both for Occupy Wall Street, and for the use of force? OWS has stated many, many times that they are a non-violent movement, and will only ever be so. But you are in this post advocating violence. How can you support two contradictory beliefs?

  9. Because he never double checks his work before he posts it. This guy is all over the map and has the English/Grammar capacity of a 4th grader, at best.

  10. In the past 100 years, 23% of violent revolutions were successful and 56% of non-violent revolutions were successful. Non violence is the second best way to protest.

    The best way to protest is by unplugging- don't participate! The consumer is KING, if we all join up together and unplug in solidarity, then we'll get what we want.

    Some ideas:
    take as much money out of the bank as you can and keep it safe;
    start growing food - alot of it! Use the no dig, no weed garden method; check out the book: Weedless Gardening. It really works.
    secure water without electricity
    check out the Mormons on food storage;
    Stop watching corporate owned and operated news (because it's not news, watch LinkTV or Free Speech TV to learn what's really going on), and remember a Federal Judge ruled the news does not have to be true!
    Buy seeds,
    watch the 45 minute crash course at www.chrismartenson.com
    join or create a transition town.

    The real problem with the economoy in a nutshell:

    our monetary system is debt based and our economic system is a perpetual growth model, these two systems can only work if there is CHEAP OIL and all the cheap oil is gone forever. The US hit peak oil in 1974 and the world hit peak oil in 2007-2009.

    BTW we are at peak EVERYTHING! AND facing exponential growth.

    No one person or city or town can be self sufficient, but a person, city or town can be self reliant. Cover the basics and network with your local community; help people prepare and weather the storm together!