Tuesday, December 6, 2011

General Smedley Butler: The White House Attemped Coup 1934


  1. Smedley Butler.
    Now there's a guy I'd salute.


  2. Thanks for posting these videos. I wish everyone could see them. Those who use the term "marxist" to describe Obama either don't know what they are talking about or are deliberately steering people in the wrong direction. Before you can fight an enemy you must be able to identify it correctly.

  3. 20/20 vision and looking in the right direction.

  4. Interesting that not one of them went to jail for it, nor were their assets seized. Talk about opportunity lost. Tying them in to Hitler is standard propaganda, as he had the interests of country first, and these yobos certainly didn't. Hitler came from a poor or at best middle class family, and the irony is that these vultures who are tied to him in history would never even have opened their doors to him for any kind of social event, let alone conspired with him to defeat the common people. Germany was engineered into war to defeat the idea of national socialism, just as were Cuba, Indonesia, Iraq, Libya and countless others: When people see socialist control of medicine, education and banking as beneficial to their own interests, pile on the propaganda, assinate socialist leaders, enforce embargoes and do anything and everything to defeat the common man. Too bad America, which has a sordid history of success as a government funded by corporate pirates with no respect whatsoever for life anywhere, is one of the most brainwashed nations on the planet. I'm not saying it's better in Canada where I live, just that there are so many resources here that the oligarchy is having trouble swallowing it all - like a snake swallowing a beaver - but they are working on it real hard and ten percent of what should be the most prosperous nation on earth currently lives below the poverty line (if you saw the poverty and drug addiction in East Vancouver you would think you were in a third world country. If you were thinking of taking a walk there or even in some smaller cities in Canada it would be a good idea to take your Texas guns with you. Gangs all over the place.)

    Sooner or later; when you get poor enough, you will realize that unbridled capitalism is your real enemy. Monsanto, BP, Chevron, GE, the whole works of them work against your right to a decent share of this planet. What can you do? Nothing, sweety. Pay half your working life to taxes which are just another name for corporate/banking fraud and believe in 'democracy' like your forbears believed in 'Christianity'. Nothing will change, being honest and having ideals and principles (being gullible, in fact) will be used against you forever, as it always has been. There is no other way you would vote for the very elements which destroy your way of life. For awhile there, with the unions and civil liberties organizations, you had a platform or window in history when the working man had a chance at a decent life, but the corporations now have their monkey fingers firmly wrapped around you nuts again and soon will have you begging for bananas. These fuckers work hard (well, not themselves, but the minions they hire) to take all the profits of your land while you work and jerk for peanuts. See, they already exploited the rest of the world (with a few remarkable exceptions) and America is next on the list. You will fare no better than the rest. Speaking of Goodyear, did you know that in the Vietnam war Goodyear rubber plantations were strictly off limits to American forces; regardless of tactical considerations. Let's go fight 'communism' in Asia, so long as it doesn't interfere with corporate profits. They pulled it off until the Vietnamese kicked their asses. Did you know that in the earlier wars (I and II) many soldiers on both sides fired their weapons into the the air instead of firing at the 'enemy' because they realized that the poor guy on the other side of the wire was just exactly like them? We don't need war, we need public control of our resources from the ground up. I don't need to vote for some lying politician, I need the right to vote the ISSUES, and my politician can either do the will of the majority (issues right on the ballot so he/she doesn't get 'confused') or go peddle their papers.

  5. I wonder how many of your readers know old "gen.
    Butler" spent most of his marine years killing tens of thousands of "brown people"around the world so it would be safe f/US corporation's to
    plunder the brown peoples land.

  6. I doubt too many of *this* site's readers will mourn the loss of thousands of brown people.