Friday, December 2, 2011

Professor Alan Dershowitz trying discredit the Anti Israel End the Fed crowd as anti semetic


  1. Jews, Always playing the Victim.. It's been over 60 years since the Holohoax give it a rest already..!!!

  2. Anti-Semite: Anyone Jews hate at any given moment when it suits their needs.

  3. Shame on Herr Derhowitz for advocating torture. Shame! Shame!

  4. What do you expect from a Dershbag, eh?

  5. Shame ?

    Didn't Dershowitz serve on OJs defense team way back in the day.

    et tu Dershbag?

  6. great to see the host showing true journalistic skills by presenting the story in a fair and unbiased way, instead of the vast majority of tv hosts who distort the real truths and deceptions of zionist matters and are so pro israeli it's sickening

    Dershowitz said there is no difference between Zionist Jews and Jews - what a load of rubbish - the numbers of Jews who realize that Zionism is giving Jews a bad name is growing all the time

    Cheers to all the good moral and ethical Jews out there - theres good and bad in every race colour and species

    the Zionist control of our world has proven itself to be a satanic cancer upon humanity

  7. "Nobody takes this man seriously." Der Show Witz seems to be rather upset over someone "nobody takes seriously". This from a character who defends murderers, most of whom were guilty we're sure, of heinous acts, talking about shame. Quite insane. It's satisfying to see the Dershbag sooo upset. He spins and spews hatred. Ignors the facts.
    Gilod Atzmon speaks truth. They can't stand anyone that leaves/exposes the flock. Thanks to the net the lies are exposed more and more and that is what upsets this creature.

    "Et tu Dershbag" LOL

  8. I have read THE WANDERING WHO by Israeli born Gilad Atzmon. The best recommendation I can make for this book is this video of Mr. Dershowitz degenerating into a juvenile tantrum of name calling because he has no factual or rational responses to it. Find the book on Amazon and read it!

  9. there needs to be a study done to prove over half of wall street and most bankers, ceos etc are jewish.

    2.5% of u.s. population, yet over half of 1% jewish?

    that means one out of every five jews can have access to the elite.

    any wonder why they dominate professional careers, media, and ...

  10. When the Zionists get their world government after the deaths of hundreds of millions, this man will sit proud and think "I helped bring this about". Talmudic Jews are sociopaths from birth, they regard the death of the goy as a sacrifice to their God.

    They need to removed from any kind of power.

  11. Jews are the 1% -- they are the crooks on Wall St... and Dersh and company don't know how to stop the awakening of an otherwise compliant population.

    Hence... NEWT -- the choice of the Jews.

    If we get Newt... expect a full blown war on Iran and Syria... Egypt ...

    JEWS ARE the problem... and they cannot control publishing anymore - time for a solution

  12. Funny interview, I had to check to make sure it wasn't The Onion putting it on. If Gilad Atzmon is so obscure as an author, why all the fuss? Dershowitz already is in an occupation that deligitimizes him as a human being. Why did they bother to have him on tv? The truth is being told in every corner of the world and they are getting scared. Why do you think the ADL gets "hate" crime legislation passed, or backwards countries like Canada passes laws against anyone denying the tradmarked Holocaust. LOL

  13. I see all Antisemites, gathered together.

    You all can make a great Nazi brigade....

  14. I do think of Jews like Jews think of gentiles.
    What makes me laugh, is your big Khazar convert plan was name calling? LOL
    I'm real scared.

    You have name calling? Hahahaha
    Anything a Jew says, I do the reverse.
    All topics.
    Jews hate something, someone, somewhere, Jews ban a book - I read it. Across the board.
    100% assume anything a Jew says is a lie, do the reverse.

  15. So funny because, Jews are so inferior in intelligence that you actually can't debate one. It functions to low.

    How dare I what? Exactly?

    I failed to what?
    respect your WAR GOD? True, I shit on your God; I'm an atheist.

    I failed to respect your master race? Yep! Guilty. I shit on your master race. I shit on your 'Jew gene'. I shit on your race separatist nationalism. I shit on your 'right' to race nationalism. I shit on your cult.

    What did you supposedly have worthy of respect?
    YOU CAN'T ANSWER, don't have one.
    My family WON WW2.
    Your family was a slave/coward in ww2
    Do I respect you? umm, no.

    Go home to Eastern Europe.
    Go back to speaking Yiddish, converts.
    You are no more Semitic than you are Chinese.

  16. Wigger: A male caucasion, usually born and raised in the suburbs that displays a strong desire to emulate African American Hip Hop culture and style through "Bling" fashion and generally accepted "thug life" guiding principles.

    Jigger: a mongrelized Eastern European Caucasian, usually born in Poland that has an overwhelming fantasy that they are white-skinned members of the Semite race of the Middle East and North Africa. In the tradition of Superman/Clark Kent, the Jigger believes that by wearing a soup bowl on their head and learning poor Hebrew spoken with an American New York accent, they stop looking white and now seem a put-upon racial minority that whines and complains about how 'hard it is to be white-skinned and blue-eyed in America and Europe.'

  17. Ok Guys

    Zieg Hiel "Gilad"
    Zieg Hile "Atzmon"

    All together now
    We are all Nazi's

  18. Israel the ONLY NAZI NATION
    Israel = land of TORTURE
    Israel = land of concentration camps for the 'lower races'
    Israel = bans inter-racial marriage.


    I love it...

    The Khazar converts are SO STUPID, they actually believe chanting Nazi hides that Israel IS NAZI.

    Make a list of crimes that are NAZI...
    Israel PERFORMS that list of Nazi crimes.

    Oh, and I do understand. Everyone here understands. We understand Judaism far better than the common Jew.

    Is it a DOUBLE STANDARD?????


    Jews argue, "It is wrong for GOYIM to do those things."

    They are NOT SAYING.. it is wrong for a Jew to be racist, a Jew to be Nazi, a Jew to be hate. They are never ever saying, 'no one' should do those things. They are saying, no GENTILE should do those JEWISH things. And they are 'Jewish things'.

    What behaviors should a gentile avoid to stay from being a Nazi?

    A gentile should avoid BEHAVING LIKE AN ISRAELI.
    For a gentile to have Israeli behaviors is PURE HATE AND NAZISM.

    If you are a Jew and lost this debate, refuse to refruit anything said; instead rant that everyone is a Nazi then run away.

    We read Gilad's book.

    When a jew loses a debate, he insults you and runs away... NEVER ARGUES A POINT.

    Funny though,
    Why is it the goy win all the debates?
    Don't you nazi racist jews say we have goy brains?

    If we are so racially inferior, why can't you ever win a single argument?


  19. refruit (sic) refute