Friday, December 2, 2011

The Final Amendment They Will Violate with S-1867 By Quartering Troops in Our Homes?

 "No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law."

             We do not hear much about the third amendment in the Bill of Rights. We are so concerned about our 1st,2nd,4th ,5th, 6th,7th, 8th, 9th and 10th amendment being trampled on. We talk about the illegal check points on the highways, without a search warrant wiretapping our phones and the TSA groping us. We are all up in arms about these abuses of power by the Federal government. We are fed up with the tyranny We all want the Patriot act repealed and the Department of Homeland Security dismantled.  Finally,the Third amendment being violated without hesitation will kill what is left of our privacy we enjoy in the comfort of our own homes once and for all.

             On Thursday night on Dec 1, 2011, the US Senate voted to end the right to due process by a vote 93-7 passing S-1867. Now the US Military can now arrest American citizens who may be dissidents. The Bill of Rights is now shredded. Now they might do the final blow to our freedom violating the final amendment in the Bill of Rights that is least talked about.  You may ask how since they violate our rights daily. How can it get any worse? They might violate us again by forcing us to quarter troops in our homes against our will. There is a strong possibility this can happen as another way to control the people in places were the citizens are disarmed. Think about it, our own living space, the last bastion of privacy is taken away by quartering a soldier in our homes against our consent.

              When we were fighting for our independence against the King and during the war of northern aggression some will call the Civil War. British Redcoats and Union Soldiers quartered themselves in people's homes against the owners wishes. They plundered many plantations in the south. They took gold and other valuables from people's homes when quartered there. When the Redcoats were quartered in the colonist homes. The people had to feed them and shine their boots under duress. You see it is easier for the government to quarter troops in our homes against our will then set up hidden microphones or surveillance cameras. There is the new secret police in our face lording over us in our own living room.

                Can you imagine some soldier who is from some certain guild not of good character alien to what the average solider is about. This soldier is hogging up the TV and masturbating to internet porn on your computer. You have to feed them ,they will impose on your wife while she is changing clothes or taking a shower to make sure she is not doing anything wrong against the state as an excuse. The man of the house has no to say in what they do. They might trump up a charges on the husband to be arrested as an enemy of the state so the soldier can have his way with the lady if she is sexy looking. The sky is the limit with this corrupt tyranny when the final vestige of private property rights are lost when we can be forced to quarter troops against our will.

                 There was a reason why the founders put the third amendment in the Bill of Rights and why it is between the second and fourth amendments. It is because the owner had a right to tell the military no to being quartered in their homes.The military is supposed to respect the wishes of the owner under the third amendment. The early colonist knew the abuses that happened when the Redcoats were quartered in people's homes against the will of the landowners. They had to feed them  and do their chores for the soldiers.For me, the second Amendment means if the Military tries  to force their way into my home violating my third amendment right to say no to live there as uninvited guest. They will get lead in their bellies for dinner by Chefs Smith and Wesson before I allow them to eat my steak or take food out of the mouths of my children.

                 Do not be surprised if some people will be forced to quarter the soldiers while they arrest Americans in cities like Chicago or New York city because the peasants have no right to keep and bear arms. The best way to make sure the people are under the control of the regime and do not step out of line is to have soldiers as uninvited guest in people's homes.I do not think this tactic will work well in Texas at all because as long we still have our right to keep and bear arms. We still have a right to say no to quartering the troops in our homes. Our home is still our castle. Do not underestimate the goverment violating the third amendment now. They violated the other nine. This amendment is no different then the other nine. They will strip away from us this right too like the other nine with brazen disregard. Now I know why the founders were so much against a standing army in peacetime because the potential abuses like this on the horizon. Do you agree?



  1. I agree 101%. Give me freedom, or give me death!

  2. How much more do we take before we do something to stop the agressive slaughter of our rights? Looks as tho ppl will just keep bitching and complaining while solider sits next to them on sofa maturbating! Golly gee neighbor, how many times did your UN univited solider rape ur daughter today?
    Peaceful protest is great but positive outcome is impossible. Corrupt officials are convinced Americans will never resort to violence against their arrogant asses. They're more than confident they can and will do whatever they want from now on and there's nothing the 'pathetic sheep' will do about. Its TIME our military turn the new law on THEM and arrest without due process! The evidence is overwhelming THEY are the enemy combatants!

  3. Btw....Where are the Oathkeepers these days?

  4. All the way down the line. I am living with a terminal illness so far advanced at this point
    that I am on home respite care only, but I will come off my very deathbed if necessary to defend my little 2 bed apt from such a blatant gross violation of privacy such as this!!!!!
    And believe this---there will be a WHOLE LOT of
    people who will not stand for this last insult to we the people. This is the LAST STRAW!!!

  5. Tatiana CovingtonFriday, 02 December, 2011

    Nothing looks any different. They could still do this anyway, documents or not, court decisions or no.

    What's to stop them... paper and ink? And you believe it? I don't, I never have believed in anything or anyone.

    "Laws" are just attempts to make you feel obliged to others. But you're not.

  6. Totally agree, Tatiana. They use the idea of "Laws" and "Constitution" as contracts which used to be a form of dark magic. These contracts can only be "enforced" by the use of force (hence enFORCEd). No law or authority is peaceful or "freedom loving" because at the very heart of it is the use of force or the threat of force.

    This is why I am an anarchist. Well... perhaps more of a tribalist. Natural law is all we ever needed. However, since most of the human race has forgotten this and become materialistic consumerized robots, it would be very difficult to return to that state of tribal utopia. That is why the collapse of society must happen. And it is happening.

    The first thing people need to do is deny that they need a government for anything. The second is to realize that the "Constitution" is a paper contract listing rights. When a paper contract is a basis for rights, they can always be taken from you.

  7. The sheeple will allow the soldier to masturbate and eat all the food

  8. I can't wait. I hope that I get some female soldiers quartered at my place. They can rape me all day! I'm cool with it.

  9. Thanks for the warning, but I have to wonder where you are getting your information? S-1867 doesn't appear to have any text about quartering soldiers. As regards the arrests, I take it you're talking about 2672. Protection of property...and I'm just struggling to understand how this is worse than it has been...