Monday, December 5, 2011

Newt Gingrich, Our Modern Day Benedict Arnold. The Phony Patriot Who WIll Betray America Again and Again

               Eloquence is always not a good prerequisite for leadership. Some of the worst monster in history that led their nation into a ash heap were the most charismatic people who can woo the crowd. Has anyone learned from history. We been suckered by Bill Clinton, hoodwinked by George W Bush and deceived by Barrack Obama with good speeches. We are American better learn actions speak louder then words when it comes to choosing the next President. Newt's words do not measure up to his record of the past. He is no more conservative then Barney Frank. He is a Benedict Arnold in a three piece suit

                Personally I would not trust a person who cheats on wife failing to uphold the wedding vows when times get tough and difficult. Then, how can I trust him to take the oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. He can I trust Newt to keep his oath with decisions that might be politically unpopular. I cannot see him being that person. If he cannot stand by his wife when she had cancer. Then how can he lead a nation in crisis?His record speaks for itself as a failed candidate not fit to be elected dog catcher. Conservatives better wake up to the fact not to go along with the party line. Newt is no conservative but a authoritarian telling everyone what they want to hear with nothing in his track record that reflects what he says.

                 Newt Gingrich is a big goverment advocate. He has no interest shrinking the size of government. He is part of the problem we we are in a mess. He helped repeal Glass Steagall, He was for the TARP bailouts. He is for illegal wars for Israel and torture. He is for the patriot act and carbon taxes. He stands for everything UN-American. He does not stand for individual liberty. He call for open border and not enforcing immigration laws. The only way he can surge in the polls is try to talk like Ron Paul. Newt is no Ron Paul and he is definitely not Thomas Jefferson. Newt does not talk about shrinking the size of government or eliminating the IRS. He only talks about tweaking the system but not reducing the size and power of big centralized goverment.

                  The former speaker of the house is what is wrong with Washington DC. He has part of the beltway and not part of what is good with this nation. He is a symbol of what is wrong and why we are on the wrong track. He is a ego maniac and more of a narcissist than Obama. How a man who will say he will be the nominee of the Republican party before the first ballot is cast. We must discredit this men. He is not what America needs. He is a sell out to the globalist and is for the end to our sovereignty.

                 This why Ron Paul will be the last man standing in the race. This is what I believe in my heart. He showed himself to be loyal to his oath and well as his marriage. He has no skeletons in the closet. He is running because he wants this country to be free for his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Newt will be a washout by his own ego and arrogance. That very flaw that will cancel him out before the primary. Newt is no Ron Paul, Newt is more like the second coming of Benedict Arnold and not Ronald Reagan. Do not be fooled by Newt's persuasive way of words. He is an empty suit who will not govern as a statesmen, but as a dictator like Obama or worse. Anymore questions?


  1. Tatiana CovingtonMonday, 05 December, 2011

    Newt's an asshole.

  2. Can you say caching? Bought and paid for...heartless bastard. Gads is he buys women for the ugly fat white man.

  3. No, Newt is not an ass hole, he's an after-birth.

  4. But Benedict Arnold was a bad Ass. He dammed near won the revolution for us before he defected. Comparing newt to Benedict is an insult to patriotism. Newt is bought for the sole purpose of destroying America. Actually vote for the bastard so we can kick off the revolution at his inauguration.

  5. You forgot the part about his own party drumming him out of Congress and his Speaker position in 1999, for ethical violations - including using tax-deductible donations for political purposes and lying to the House ethics sticklers, resulting in an unprecedented $300,000 fine. We sure don't need this stinkin' sucker!!
    Ron Paul - the Only scholar and statesman in the whole lot of 'em !! Ron Paul 2012 !!

  6. The republican party rolling out Newt after dulling our senses with Romney,Palin, Perry, and the rest is like GM topping off a less than bang-up season by reintroducing the 1979 Chevrolet Caprice. 7 mpg off the show room floor with more surprises awaiting discovery.