Monday, December 5, 2011

Keep It Simple Occupy America With Three Clear Demands Americans Can Rally Behind

               Hearing the right wing radical republicans demonize the Occupy American movement calling them bums who do not want to work. They call them ill-informed idiots looking for a handout from the goverment. The truth is, it is a very diverse group of people there for many reasons. Some are their because of the monopolies that have arose over the years making sweet heart deals with the goverment while evading justice. Some are there because they are frustrated and need to be heard because the goverment is not listening. There is talks of strikes and a long list of meaningless demands that only muddy the waters trying to nullify its effectiveness. Occupy America only needs three simple demands that will resonate with all American and hard for the conservatives or liberals to refute or discredit.

                 The three simple demands that need to be front and center that will be a major step back in the right direction for the movement. Herman Cain and Newt cannot demonize them with these simple demands saying just take a bath. These three demands are 1- End the Federal Reserve System. 2- Abolish the IRS 3- End all the illegal wars and over seas deployments. These items have been a cancer on the America for the last 10 years rearing its ugly head like never before. It is causing the much hardship and pain. Now I will tell you why we need to keep our demands simple to rally more average Americans behind Occupy America.

 1. End the Federal Reserve Bank- This institution created in 1913 has been responsible for booms and bust in our economy. This Bank caused the great depression. This bank can print all the money with the printing presses at warp speed. If we print the same money. We will go to jail. The reason why we pay more in food and fuel is because since 2008 TARP bailouts. This Bank loaned 7.7 trillion dollars to European banks without the knowledge of congress and the President. All money created out of thin air. This bank has more control over the economy then the President and congress combined. Going back to a Gold and Silver backed honest money system back under the Constitutional control of Congress will start to bring back fiscal responsibility shrinking the size of goverment. Out of control goverment spending and the Federal Reserve in secret making loans abroad has created inflation we all pay when we lose purchasing power of our earnings.

2 Abolish the IRS- This agency is no more then a collection agency for the Federal Reserve Bank. Our income tax by the admission of the Grace Commission. Our income tax does not pay for one single goverment service. Our income tax only pays for the printing presses at the Federal reserve. We pay the IRS for the privilege in doing business in Federal Reserve Notes. Not to mention, this agency is ruthless, they will seize your house and levy your bank accounts without due process or burden of proof. According to the finding by ex IRS agents confirmed in the movie America's Freedom to Fascism. There is no law saying we have to pay the income tax or waive our filth Amendment rights to file income tax. Like would be so much better when we deposit money in the bank and withdraw money. We do not have to worry about the IRS looking over our shoulder if the IRS was abolished.

3.End the Illegal Wars and deployments around the World.- I though the world hated us because of our freedoms and our prosperity. That is not the case. We are hated because we meddle in the internal affairs of other nations. We Americans were infuriated when Mexican President Vicente Fox was interfering with our immigration laws. Interfering in the internal affairs of other nations and attacking nation they are not threat to us. We are hated as a nation because our elected leaders are going out in our names drone attacking other nations that are no threat to us. We are being booted out of Iraq because our troops were abusing the Iraqi people. Our troops are cut off from Afghanistan because we are attacking Pakistan. We are trying to provoke an attack with Iran These wars have bankrupted our nation and made us less safer. We are more in danger now then we were 10 years ago. The empire must be stopped. No more attacking innocent nations in our names. Read General Smedley Butler's book"War is a Racket" These wars are for mega corporations and the bankers" No more wars abroad in our name again. It is time to bring ALL our troops home secure our borders from invasion and not worry about another nations borders.

             If we keep our demands simple and practical that John Q Public can get behind. It will be hard for the politicians to demonize and discredit the movement. If we have a bunch of demands that are a bunch of handouts with some good reforms in it. This can confuse the message were the press can use this as a way to discredit the movement. If we stay on message of End the Fed, Abolish the IRS and End the Wars and overseas deployments. The movement will get the respect and notoriety when what is being stood for is what the average American feels. Occupy America. Just keep the movement simple and we will win.


  1. [:-)=[=<$ Step on the Snake ! . . . . . Ron Paul . . . 2012 !

  2. Stop the poor grammar, stop refusing to at least re-read your written words. You make us ALL look like buffoons.

    Many of us have offered our eyes as a service to you and you snub that as an arrogant runaway congresscritter would. Wise up. accept the help and cease being the buffoon. otherwise you are simply tossing letters into the blog o sphere.

  3. YES, WAKE UP !!! ...The 99% is a Sleeping GIANT !!!

    about so called spelling mistakes yes there are spelling mistakes but we should look beyond that..
    and spell checkers you better don't come here.

  5. Those three demands are 1- End the Federal Reserve System. 2- Abolish the IRS 3- End all the illegal wars and over seas deployments.
    Jct: End the FED with no alternative for medium of exchange should shut down the whole country into umeployment. How are you going to run a sophisticated economy without any chips? Dennis Kucinich promotes replacing the FED's interest-bearing money with US Treasury interest-free Greenbacks. So these clowns are as useless as Ron Paul who wants to study the FED some more in an audit. Unlike Kucinich, they yet haven't figured out what to do.

  6. I have a really great idea! OWS go to North Dakota !!

    Here is my idea:


  7. some people have good grammar, and some don't. some people can polish an article to a level called "publishable" and others cannot. however, words are the clothes that ideas wear, and the truth here is that, however shabby the words may appear to some, the ideas behind them are perfect. so, watchdog, what i have to say to you is that while your ideas do not wear Gucci or Dolce and Gabbana, their worth is exquisite, and hence, you gotz my permissions to rock on aginst these bastids!

  8. 99% executive orders: 1) bring back the green back 2) retire the fed and irs (consider all debts to fed paid in full due to all the illegal interest paid over the years) 3) redeploy most troops back home to finish their term to end all occupations of foreign countries and to protect the president and people from banker retaliation.(for starters).

  9. That's a solid list. I would add 4) Prosecute the Banksters and Wall St executives whose fraud caused this financial debacle

  10. “Anyone who clings to the historically untrue -- and -- thoroughly immoral doctrine that violence never solves anything I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler would referee. Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor; and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and their freedoms.”

    - Robert A. Heinlein