Monday, November 14, 2011

Police Attack their Their Own Freedoms when they Attack the People's Rights to Freedom of Speech

              The police better learn real fast that when they are told to attack any protest because it politically looks bad for their elected bosses should be a red flag. The Police are so blind to criminality inside the system or there is a code of silence among the men in blue when there is wrongdoing in the ranks. The excuse I was just following orders is not a valid defense. If a police officer knows better just from what Mom and Dad taught him when he was young. He ought to know better as an adult if he knows right or wrong.

              Many Police officers have families with children of their own. Many of these men are good fathers outside the squad car and good husbands. They do try to live honorable lives and be a good example to their children. The sad thing is many are ignorant of what the law is. They read magazines and other law enforcement publications assuming they are credible and reliable with the information given. The officers biggest enemies are their corrupt bosses in the system and ignorance. They are told patriots want to kill them or these Tea Party protesters are a bunch of communist. They never check out things for themselves.

             I get outraged every time I see the Police helping out CPS rip a child away from an innocent family. The police never questions the reason why. The police officer never steps in to protect the family from this out of control agency has no evidence to justify taking the children. That Police officer should be protecting the family first before the protecting the system. Too bad many police officers protect the system when they attack lemonade stand and roadside farmers markets with guns drawn when they should question how is this harming another person.

            The Police are now the political arm attacking Occupy America because the political bosses see they cannot be co-opted and manipulated as they like. The police who attack the peaceful protesters using infiltrators to provoke violence and destruction of property as a justification to drop the hammer down on the innocent people. The do this to demonize the first amendment without knowing they attack their free speech too. The Police do not realize following illegal orders and neglecting protecting the people from despotic and corrupt politicians attack their children's future and the generations that follow.

             The Police attack their own liberties attacking the people. They better get a grip on what they are being told. People want to be left alone. They better learn when they raid a raw milk seller, a organic vegetable market and a lemonade stand. Who is being protected? Is it the health and welfare of the people or is the political backers of the politicians to squash the competition so the corporation can have an upper hand over their competitors.

              Police better start asserting the right to say "no" to illegal orders. They better check things out for themselves instead of believing everything told to them. If they do not, the people will show their displeasure because they have failed to protect the people and instead they protected the corrupt system. I do not want the police to get hurt when tyranny tries to cover the land. They are not safe when they do wrong to the people for a paycheck. They are more in danger from the system they serve because when the corrupt despots betray the people. If they will betray the people without a thought. they will stab the police in the back without hesitation. Protect occupy America, Do not attack them. If the Police love America, Heed the words of former Army General Powell who said "The right to Protest is as American as Apple pie" Attacking the right to free speech is not American. It is wrong, It is immoral and it is Un-American. Any questions?


  1. A great lesson was Florida. A Miami pig idiot is flat-out floored down the highway, joyriding off-duty. State police thankfully arrest this maniac. On tape it is confirmed they 'routinely' drag race on the highways and this was the time they actually got caught.

    Later, Miami police vandalize the state police squad car.

    The lesson here should be overly clear. Crime in uniform is ENTIRELY NORMAL, EXPECTED, and ROUTINE. Prosecutors and judges are in on it. 'Cross department' exchange of favors is normal.

    In their uneducated filth police community, the only crime they consider real is betraying a fellow criminal in uniform.

    The 'system' is so purely corrupt, it no longer has a head. It is a criminal community like Judaism. Anyone who betrays the crime syndicate is then targeted for reprisal.

    I doubt very much the judges have the courage to get in the way of their blue crime wave.

    Police crime is simply a normal daily routine and it is getting worse.

    One would think that the most extreme acts, shooting CHILDREN... shooting handcuffed helpless people in the back.. surely some level of crime would be accountable. It isn't.

    If they come to your door, they are Al Qaeda.

  2. Actually, I do have a question. Why, if the police are working for the wrong side, do you spend ANY time at saying how "Many of these men are good fathers."

    Why does it matter if they are good fathers, if they are working to further a corrupt system? Why do you feel the need to make them out to be "good yet misguided"?

    They aren't misguided. The police aren't ignorant of the law. They've chosen their side. You, dear reader, you Realman, are no cops, therefore you are less than cop. You are not part of the group, therefore you are not in the group. Get it?

    Why do you have respect for a group that has no respect for you? They gladly step on your rights. Gladly.

    Stop putting these people in a good light. They certainly wouldn't do the same for you.

  3. Roland, you are that well-known 'voice of the enemy' provocateur. Nothing you say is of interest. Go plot terrorism for the FBI somewhere else.

  4. Politicians and the mainstream media keeps saying that the oppressed people we want "democracy" and that only a democratic world will be free and peaceful.

  5. This place is really filling up with GOVN'T PUKES!

    GO HOME you assholes!

    The bad cop list will point out the bad cops,and will lead to their being brought to heel and justice for the people these rat cops hurt.

    The first dead cop will lead to another kent state deal be ready to defend your freinds!

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