Sunday, October 9, 2011

Walgreens Still Pushing those Useless Flu Shots


  1. These crums make millions on this poison every year,then they try to spread a new germ every year!

    I think they get this vaccine at a VERY low price,
    truth be known it is probably COST less than !cent a dose! They charge $20 that is a nice profit!

  2. Not only Walgreens are pushing these TOXIC SHOTS but KROGER/king soopers are pushing them as well!

  3. The flu shot is actually worse than useless.
    It can't work because of epitopic mismatch- that is, the epitope that the flu is raised to- last year's or a predicted influenze does not come to pass in most instances. Most flu shots also contain a full complement of thimerosal- at 0.01 weight percent which is high toxic.
    If you wish to healthfully and actually have an excellent chance of avoiding the flu- the individual is advised to take between 5,0000 and 10,000 international units of cholecalciferol (vitamin D3- which metabolizes to calitriol- the active form of D in the kidneys) and combine that with at least 1000 mg of Vitamin C daily.
    Making sure you have rest, limit stress and a full complement of vitamins, including a good multivitamin, will do more for preventing the flu than just about anything.
    If you wish to find out more about the wonders of vitamin D3, search John Cannell at the Vitamin D institute and review any number of his thought provoking and informative videos.

  4. I used to work for a major car dealership. They requested of us to get flu vaccines and donate blood twice a year. I don't do either due to health reasons.

    Eventually I was confronted by the Assistant Manager of our department as to why I never participated. And I explained to him that I don't do flu vaccines due to health reasons, and I don't give blood because of a past health issue, they would not want it anyway. He got very offensive and pushy about making me do it.

    It was the General Manager that sent him in to ask me why because he noted that I never participated. It turns out that the dealership got a $5 kickback for every employee that participated.

    So for all those people out there pressured into getting a shot by those you work for, remember the above scenario. How does that make you feel? I wonder how much Walgreens, et al, are making on us sheeple?

  5. Not just Walgreens, it's everywhere. I've never seen the flu shot pushed like this year, plus it started months ago. I guess at $29 a hit the profits add up fast. The only two times in my life I got the flu was when I got the flu shot.

    You want to avoid the flu? Eat, sleep and exercise well, keep you hands away from your face when out in public, and avoid people with the flu, especially your sick co-worker who's job is so freaking important that they have to come to work drooling and spraying virus infected snot everywhere.

  6. Not only do they charge us for it, they get a kickback from some governmental office.