Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Experience Occupying the Houston Federal Reserve Bank October 8, 2011

                There is a reason I went to Occupy Houston. It is for two reasons. The first reason was. I cannot sit by and allow the republic to slip away without making a stand against the robber barons who want to gain at our expense, The second reason was is that I took my two sons with me, When they grow old and tell their children and grandchildren when we get our republic back. That message was that their grandfather or their great grandpa was not a couch potato allowing our liberties to be trampled on. He took action the defend our God Given liberties from a bunch of tyrants in the banking system. I do not want a false debt put on the shoulders of my children they never consented to nor we ever wanted for ourselves.

                 More than we realize is that our children do watch and see what we do. We are their first teachers. We have to live by example in front of them. We are their role models. We have to show them the only way to correct these injustices by the bankers is to take action an not sit on the couch. We show them we have to act or we lose. We raise and show them that when good people do something and not cower in fear. We will have the change that we desire to have if we act. Our children see everything and do watch us more than we think. Parents take heed please.

                 When my sons went to occupy the Federal Reserve Bank in Houston was an experience for them, It was a learning a experience for me too. I enjoy being around like minded people who share the same point of view. I was given a DVD of "The American Dream " at the event. When my two sons watched the movie when we got home. They understood why I was there and what we are up against by watching that cartoon. The people were there with optimism and hope. The energy was ecstatic among the crowd staring into the heart of the beast called the Federal Reserve bank.

                 I have to give thanks to the Houston PD for keeping the peace at the event. I was a little concerned for my kids safety if a bunch of commies or union thugs showed up trying to disrupt the peaceful event. The Police might have used this as an excuse to pepper spray the crowd. Anyway, it was a smooth event without incident. My kids needed to see that this single father will not sit idly by while all we care about slips away. No matter how much money the ruling class has. There is something they have not got we the peasants do have. That is we have love in our homes which is something all the money in the world cannot buy. They want to destroy the love in the families and the innocence of our children by wrecking societies. That is something they hate and envy that enrages the elites. 

                 The truth is we have to go to these events as much as possible and bring our children along too. Even though we make retake lost ground over the years to come. It is our hope if the case may be. The next generation will go the distance finishing the job we started.



  1. You needn't worry about, "Commies" in the USA. There are about 3 of them, total. As for, "Union Thugs," I have never seen union members attacking the police or other demonstrators -- it's usually the police who attack union members. I'm not saying there aren't lazy, overpaid union members -- there are. But there are also a lot of underpaid workers -- both unionized and not. They get screwed by the same Elitist Bankster class that you have referred to. At this time in American history, it really is the great majority of the American people vs. a small minority of Corporatists. Such a large number of Americans will naturally have a wide variety of political and social viewpoints. To start out aiming at divisions among citizens is self-defeating in the attempt to change the rigged modern system. If a true democratic Republic can be recovered (if it ever truly existed), a multitude of thoughts should be offered to the public who will freely choose the system that best fits their needs. The choice may be different according to region. That's fine as long as we remain united in the cause to implement and safeguard our Constitutional rights.

  2. I think the union thug thing is more about the fact that gangsters are associated with unions, and as Farrell said in the 80s?, "the gang and the government, no different, it makes me 1%." and the bankers are the group that continues feeding the gangsters by washing the money and buying policy that continues to line the pockets of the gangsters and and bankseters.
    Your presence in Houston represents many more in rural Texas, bringing back local agriculture and local sustainability.