Saturday, October 1, 2011

Obama To Suspend Elections to Avoid a Humiliating Landslide Defeat?

               Rush Limbaugh who is an neo conservative and establishment hack voiced the possible rumblings coming from the White House looking for ways to avoid a landslide loss to the next GOP nominee. If Limbaugh voiced this, it is not by mistake he is saying it if that is coming down the pike. The North Carolina Governor voiced her ambitions to suspend elections too. It seems the stakes are much higher that we realize in what will happen if Obama loses to a humiliating defeat worse than Jimmy Carters reelection efforts.

               If we see the polls lately They say Ron Paul is the only candidate who can beat Obama by a slim margin. I believe the results are much worse by all internal poll results pointing to that Ron Paul will win by a landslide. Ron Paul is surging in the polls regardless how many times the media portrays Romney and Perry as the front runners to deflect the momentum the Paul campaign is gaining as a top tier candidate. Ron Paul is not just another Republican cut from the Rockefeller cloth. He is a man who follows the constituion. If the President is going to cancel or suspend elections to avert a defeat. He will use a false flag event to try and bring this about because he and his globalist minions know if Paul is the GOP nominee who can beat the President. We can the loses are far more than they can bear. It is more than just a Republican taking over the White House. It will be a pro American anti globalist who will start reversing the destructive policies that almost bring this nation to near ruin. He will not be pro Federal Reserve, or pro Israel. He is the anti war candidate with a non interventionist foreign policy which makes him an enemy to the military industrial complex.This is what has many people in circles of power running scared to stop Ron Paul. A victory with Ron Paul as President means there is a lot they have to lose. Dr No is the first domino that might fall bring the fall of the globalist in a chain reaction.

                 I can see the President trying to suspend elections pulling out all stops if Ron Paul is his opponent. If it were a Romney or a Rick Perry. most likely they will not try to stop the elections since these people will continue the Obama agenda after he leaves office. Since there is a very strong possibility Dr. Paul will be his nemesis and arch rival that puts the whole New World Order in jeopardy if he wins. The globalist see a win for Ron Paul means they are losing so much more than  the White House to a neo con. The globalist can be going to jail too is a strong possibility to think about. 

                 If Obama is going to lose to a landslide to Ron Paul. It is not Obama just losing to a landslide. What the globalist will lose in a landslide election is the New World Order and the Central Bankers control of our currency. I am not saying Ron Paul is a silver bullet solution. He is not, but him being President will set back the globalist another 50 years. This is why they will pull out all stops to stop Ron Paul, if it is assignation attempts on his life, Diebold Machines trying to rig the election to if these electronic voting machines,if they see there is no way to cover up a landslide. They will suspend the elections altogether to avert Obama and the New World Order losing in a landslide if all else fails. When Obama or anybody talks about suspending elections. It might be if Ron Paul is the GOP nominee. Do you see the same as I see?      


  1. This same rumor was floated about Bush in '08.
    The scenario seems plausible but unlikely. I think the the Diebold voting machines that can be hacked via remote control with an 8th grade education and $26 is a bigger threat:
    Vote absentee and make a copy of your ballot before you mail it in - Ron Paul 2012!
    Just watch the last half of the 5 minute video if you are in a huge hurry:

  2. I think kill Ron Paul is easier to them.
    Salute from Brazil.

  3. Are you serious with this post? I've read your other posts and have seen the comments about your grammar, punctuation, etc., that people have pointed out is annoying. Usually I would just read what you had to say and work on decryption of the language to understand the finer points. But this post is beyond the reasonable amount of grammar and disjointedness of your other work. You've put a topic up that I have great interest in, and due to a blatant attack at sensibility and your 'I'd rather appear to be an idiot that really be an idiot' stance on your grammar, proofreading, or even having someone read it for you before you post, I can now say I won't be back to your site again. Which is sad that you act the unbending fool on something as important as getting a good message out. Just shows exactly why we are headed into the mess we are in: Narcissism leading to the self-aggrandizing right to exhibit any behavior as justification for what the individual wants to do.

    I won't let my kid read your stuff because she might believe that people with good intentions have to have poor spelling, grammar, and writing skills to be able to communicate realistically. You'd think after all this time you lose the pride and grow a set and get some help.

  4. Seriously? Ron Paul let his own campaign manager die from pneumonia due to lack of healthcare. If it comes down to Ron Paul's Right Wing anarchy versus Obama's nightmare CFR program, I'll just start stockpiling spam & ammo between now and election day!

  5. Anybody, and I do mean ANYBODY, that gets to appear on the corporate media, in one way or another, wittingly or unwittingly, perpetuates the agenda. Yes, if he lives long enough, you can vote Ron Paul into the Presidency of the United Snakes. That done, how does he exercise power? No, the elections will not be cancelled; Ron Paul will be Wellstoned. Or have a convenient heart attack, eh? Basically, it all comes down to this: If voting really made a difference, then you wouldn't be allowed to do it.
    Without the freedom to say no, there exists no choice.
    Without the freedom to vote "none of the above", there exists no choice.

  6. Diebold Accuvote will pick the "winner."

  7. They do not suspend the elections. Cheating with the Diebold voting machines is all what is needed.

  8. NobodysaysBOO!:
    Thanks for the GOOD post! The spelling is fine! The thinking is grand.
    The American Civil War was started by the first shots fired at an ARMY fort, you got to wonder where it will begin this time around. The troops will be flying back and forth around the world fighting fires everywhere and they will hire third world murderers for homeland sec just like the ones in Libia now,collecting bounty on the dead citizens of the country.Will or should we say WHEN will they start BOMBING US CITIZENS this time? Will they use nueks right away or keep them for last?
    Thank you for the FREE SPEECH ZONE!

  9. There will be a humiliating landslide, and we will have a strong lead for the first time since Ronald Reagan. Obama could be captured alive shit...