Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moral Depravity and Arrogance of the Money Junkies Will Be their Downfall

               I get sick and tired of people saying the Oligarchs Like the Rockefeller clan, the Warburgs, the Harriman and the Rothschild will never face justice because they are the super rich. Are people forgetting some basic truths here? These people are not untouchable or invincible at all. Actually they are at the most vulnerable right now as ever before. Their Dynasties and  Financial Empires do fall over the centuries because in the process destroying societies seeking to gain at others suffering. They in the process destroy themselves in the end. They will collapse from within with the outside finishing the job bringing them to justice. They say there is no honor amongst thieves. These people not only double cross societies. They betray themselves fighting for the levers of power.A divided house cannot stand forever.

               The money junkies are not immune from the consequences of their actions. Has any one aver heard of Karma? or what goes around come around? You reap what you sow? These men are not Gods and are not all knowing and all powerful. People coming out to these Builderburger meetings in record number and the unwanted publicity of these closed meeting means judgement day is coming and the chicken are coming home to roost. I believe in divine judgement is coming to them who waged war against his creation destroying the innocent planning in darkness. God sees everything and the money addicts cannot hide from him These men have blood on their hands taking the lives of the innocent. They may think they are smartest people on earth. I know our creator is many steps ahead of these fools who think they are master of the universe.

              The truth is these people have sowed the destruction for decades when humanity rises up and defeats them it will not only the money junkies of the day sins coming to visit them. It will be the sins of their fathers coming upon them too. There is no escaping justice either way, These people are so depraved wanting more power and more control. No matter how much they acquire will not be enough. The can do all mass killings want, murder by famines and spread misery. it will all come back to haunt them. The truth is the overconfidence, arrogance and moral depravity will be their demise. It is just a matter of time before judgement day visits them in the form of pitchforks and a guillotine. I am optimistic the good men of humanity will prevail until they are just a memory in the ash heap of history.

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