Wednesday, October 12, 2011

If Welfare Recipiants Are Required to Take a Drug Test for Taking a Government Handout. Then The Money Junkies Should Be tested too for Taking Bailout Money . Drug test the Goverment too While We Are At It

                The last three years, the Federal government is a nanny state on steroids. They think they know how to run our lives better then we do. They disregard the bill of rights and basic human dignity. The hypocrisy of government is rampant. When they do something wrong, when accountability is demanded of the people. They claim national security. No wonder there are many protesters on Wall Street and Nationwide. People are tired of government jailing us for breaking stupid laws for victimless crimes, but break its own laws making more victims then it helps .

                 It is sad to see that close to 50 million people are on food stamps or some other kind of assistance from the government. The economic conditions were created by government intervention in areas it does not belong. People are looking for help just to keep the kids fed. Now the government wants to drug test all people receiving some kind of government assistance. What are they looking for and what is the cause? This will cause a bureaucratic nightmare to say the least. I can see people being denied assistance and going to jail for eating poppy seeds off a big mac. Poppy seeds can create a false positive. As we all know common sense does not exist in government nor does the right to privacy. Government cannot get enough power and control. They want to be into everything we do.

                 I say leave the people on food stamps alone who are still working trying to make it on what little they make because the inflation is robbing the value of their earnings. If the government says they have a right to do it because they are receiving a government handout. I say lets drug test the CEOs and Banksters who received government bailout money. Let drug test everyone receiving corporate welfare or any subsidies too. Lets drug test the politicians also since they live on goverment tax money. What about the government workers masturbating to internet porn on goverment owned computers. What about the TSA workers who steal people belongings and cash. They should be drug tested too. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. A person on food stamps who may smoke a joint and have a beer once in a while does no harm to others. It is the politicians and the Wall Street money junkies that needs to be drug tested because they are doing the most harm to us. They must be on drugs because none of them are in their right mind.

               The sad part is our goverment ships in the very drugs into this country they want to test people for as a condition to receive some kind of benefit from the goverment. Now I can see them asking people who receive Social Security to be tested too since the goverment considers an entitlement too even though most people and their employers contributed into the system over the years. People who do still work may justify saying people should be tested who get assistance from goverment should think again. They may not get any type of goverment handout. That is not the case that should people surrender their rights for a goverment handout.

              The case is goverment no longer respects the privacy and dignity of the people anymore. Drug Testing people on welfare or assistance is just the first step. They will not stop there.Sooner or later we all will be required to get a drug test for some arcane reason because we did not stand up for the people on goverment assistance. We can argue about the welfare state till the cows come home. But that is not the case. The case is personal privacy must be respected, when we support denying right to other people because they maybe on food stamps. We attack our own rights too.


  1. Florida is testing the people of there state and I think the Governor owned the testing facilitates or his wife did or one of his family members. I think if the are gone to test people the need to test Doctors police and teachers and everybody else in government. Just another scheme from The corporation government.

  2. A government is like a wife. She loves you and is loyal or she doesn't love you and is not loyal. As soon as you open the door on your plan to force, monitor, test, threaten - your worthless cheating wife, what is the point? You can't polish a turd.

  3. if the government is doing anything, someone in government is skimming a dollar, period..

  4. I am adamantly in support of drug testing for all three branches of government. These are the folks that inflicted and uphold measures for drug testing the populace and what's good for the goose is even better for the gander, particularly since government responsibilities far outweigh any responsibilities that the ordinary person might have. The people employ the government and every assurance of clear-mindedness must be ours for the asking if we are to hold them to the same account they demand of us.

  5. NobodysaysBOO!:
    Get the coke and the chimps out of GOVNT by,of and FOR the CITIZENS!
    Test ONLY the govnt pukes with their dirty little fingers up your BUTTS!

    great piece!