Friday, September 2, 2011

Why Mike Rivero Should Move to Texas

              We all heard about why Mike and his Wife Clara is looking for a new hone on the main land since the island of Hawaii puts limitations on him and his spouses ability to engage in real activism. I say Mike should move to Texas, preferably near San Antonio in the hill country west of the city. Texas has many advantages for what Mike's new purpose. here are some of my reasons I say Texas is the ideal place.

1. The location, Mike can be on the east coast or west coast ; all the way up to the Canadian border if need be within a 35 hour drive going all point of the compass.

2. The cost of living is still reasonable here.

3. Texas is a liberty stronghold.

4. He can buy a little piece of land to grow his own food, maybe have a few chickens and a goat.

5. The right to keep and bear arms is encouraged strongly.

4. He may not be near Washington DC, but he can sure give his state legislature a headache and give Gov. Perry a case of heartburn.

Maybe some of the reader will disagree were Mike should relocate to hand his hat he and his wife can call home. So where do you think Mike should move to. Speaking for myself. I say he should move to Texas because this is where liberty is being fought from in many directions. I believe Mike being here being a Texan, an Alamo Texan as I am, not native born but like the defenders of the Alamo who faught as Texans for the freedom of Texas. Tell me what do you think? Should Mike move to Texas?


  1. Gatekeeping is bad.
    About 'contrails' that last hours,16 foot diameter holes in the Pentagon and the use of HAARP technology. Sure, come on home, Mike.

  2. Please come to Texas, Michael.

    You are more than welcome here.

  3. Mike and his wife would be most welcome here in the great country of Texas!

  4. Rivero seems a little too sharp to live in such a state....

  5. Are you all out of your minds? Mike should move his family up here to Canukistan. (Until Barack O'Bunghole puts out a contract on him, with Stephen Harpoon).............

  6. Michael and Claire: Use Google Maps and find Leakey, Texas. Very small town, Real County seat, smack in the hill country about 90 minutes west of San Antonio. Nowhere in the continental US better than Texas. Long growing season, plentiful food, pro-business, likely the first state to secede, home of the Texas Nationalist Movement and Alex Jones. This is a no-brainer. Russ Longcore

  7. I'd like to see Michael come here, as I'd love to meet him. While there's a lot of your stereotypical bible-thumping Republicans here, I've noticed since I moved here there are also a good amount of "awakened" people.

  8. I like Mike a lot.

    He's been of enormous help in doing the job the free press is supposed to do but gave up a long time ago.

    The M$M is nothing short of a 5th column for Zion.

    Mike is a leader of the true free press.

    God bless him.
    I know he won't mind..

  9. The Big island is a lot closer if you want a controlled population to study corruption dynamics. You can know drug dealing cops, corruption in all drug enforcement agencies, murders, that sort of thing. If you want room to maneuver in case the SHTF, I suggest something not in competition with The Big Island for overwhelming, all influential corruption. Montana is wonderful and colder than hell. There is room to hide on the mainland. With Texas, a population soon with armbands and badges and armed with weapons with chic names like Uzi, or Eagle will magicly pop up on every highway to nail dissidents to secession or non-secession, whichever is more chic at the time. They'll have a list, Rivero, and your name will be on it. The bad guys had Dallas tuned in 50 years ago and the dynamic of social disintegration and degradation goes deeper and more dangerous since Bush family planning. Bush43's partner in buying the Texas Rangers occupied the floors in the WTC where a jet hit and thermite was visibly triggered all along the side around the corner from impact. Then a second blast cut the core in half at that level. I don't recommend Texas. The cabal (not loyal Texans) took out the West Coast with Fukushima for a reason. Intelligent activists, thick as flies from L.A. to Vancouver B.C. since the mid 1960s and the majority of American agriculture are there. The activists should find new homes or develop and market a radiation repulsion system. Radiation is a bitch and one can not dare to discount its negative affects. We have a plan to save the world, but anything will require throwing these perps into little cages, and releasing some harmless others, which would go against Texas' convict them anyway-prison for profit enterprise. Good luck.

  10. No Mike. Please come to Asheville, Nc to
    reignite patriotism. Use to be patriotic
    until the liberals migrated here.

  11. Sure, long as you're a Masochist and love getting hit with the Buckle of the Bible Belt, made from the traditions of man, from every corner. One can bear hypocrisy for only so long.

  12. Mike, please don't get a goat!

  13. No!

    Mike strongly advocated Obama for president when all reasonable Texans knew that Obama was just an act. I have yet to hear Mike apologize for that gross error. The proper thing to do when there is no viable candidate is to say so. He should have encouraged voters to show their dissatisfaction with all candidates in meaningful ways. He would have been far ahead advocating BoZo the clown for president. But, he got sucked into hope and change just like all others who voted for Obama.

    Mike advocates government spending on infrastructure. That is socialism. Doesn't fly in Texas.Infrastructure is the responsibility of the People of the Sovereign States and subdivisions thereof.

    Mike advocates calling upon international courts for various reasons. Why would Mike undermine the Constitution for the Republic of united but Sovereign States of America and the Constitutions of the Sovereign States? We have sufficient law to deal with any problem. Why bow like Obama to a foreign jurisdiction?

    Mike does not seem to understand the difference between civil rights (government issued privilege) and organic rights (natural, unalienable rights). Apples are NOT oranges. Never have been, never will be.

    Mike does not seem to understand that physical silver is organic, constitutional money and silver, by constitutional law regulates the value of gold in America. Silver is the money of common people. That's us. Gold is the money of the elite. When we hold physical silver and that silver, by law, regulates the value of gold then it becomes very difficult for the elite to accomplish their devilry. That is why the founding fathers set it up that way. They knew their history!

    Most dangerously, Mike advocates democracy, mob rule. Under the corporate overlay of 1877 the States and the union of Sovereign States are still organic republics with democratic processes for electing public servants. Why would Mike advocate destroying this nation with mob rule?

    Just a few thoughts.

    No. I don't want Mike in Texas. He doesn't have what it takes to be a Texan. I don't think he can learn it.

  14. As the leader of the band "Texas Jewboys" once said,"Why the hell not?"

  15. The lesson of the Alamo is that it takes about 5000 Mexican nationals to overwhelm the courage and righteousness of about 300 good Texas and American men who have been pinned behind a mud wall and pounded by artillery for days.

  16. The last comment on 9/3 pretty much got it.

  17. He can post his site from ANYWHERE.

  18. Not everyone wants this racist AH here in Texas!

  19. "The lesson of the Alamo is that it takes about 5000 Mexican nationals to overwhelm the courage and righteousness of about 300 good Texas and American men who have been pinned behind a mud wall and pounded by artillery for days"

    Courage and righteousness??? you twisted MF... you're the reason this friggin country is headed down the toilet.

  20. Don't do it!
    San Antonio is SO humid!
    You'll have to change your clothes by 9 a.m.

  21. Though my Great Grandmother was born In Texas and I have numerous cousins I have never met there and the Sons of the American Revolution is more popular there (the Bushes belong), the fact is the Jew World Order is well established there too including their subsidiary, the USA Government.

    We shouldn't forget it was the killing field for JFK, who wanted to sidestep the Federal Reserve by having the USA Treasury issue the currency directly.

    I know there are many true American Patriots there but the largesse of the zionist owned Uncle Sam is too hard to resist for many Texans.


  22. MEXAS why MEXAS?
    Mike aint a MEXICAN.
    WHY the HELL would anybody want to have a home near bush et al.
    Even mark Twain commented "GIVEN A CHOICE BETWEEN HELL and TEXAS I WOULD CHOSE HELL EVERY TIME." He was right!
    VOTE with your feet MIKE and YOU pick a good place to live. I have thought for many years that "If you MUST live in the USA and pay all the taxes you should move to the BEST place America has that is HAWAII. Why move to a worse place?
    My advise would be ICELAND, for MANY reasons.
    If you really have a death wish why not go to ISREAL and support real changes there?
    PS Please be careful at that 911 deal these pigs may do 011 again just because they can!We NEED WRH!

  23. Well, Mike already got his readers to pay for his trip to the east coast to scope out where he is going to live. Too late now. If you were to actually do some hard research on the INN world report conference, well, I wouldnt go to it if it was next door. Drop Cindy Sheehan and Paul Craig Roberts an email, they will tell you. What about the boycott on flying? I have had things come up where I needed to fly I madethe sacrifice and did not fly. I guess the boycott isnt for Mike?
    And a person that cant discuss chemtrails and HAARP? How about not being able to comment on his website unless you pay him 60 dollars first?
    Disagree with him and he shuts off your account.
    His accuracy rating is a C+ at best if you were paying attention...Come on people..WAKE UP!!
    Lets not mention his extreme support for obama for president either. As his own website says "voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil" The only good thing he does is expose the crimes of israel, but others do a better job so..move to the east coast, I am west, so perfect.

  24. Funny here I am New Hampshire a hop, skip and a jump from where Mike lived his childhood and my mom's family is from Uvalde (not far from Leakey). Mike, my deceased grandparents have a farm outside of Uvalde where no one is living now. You and Clara are more than welcome to take it over if you like!


  25. Come back to Washington State Mike. Mountains and forests everywhere with a few liberals. But liberal hunting season in coming up!

  26. Mike and his wife should move to Odessa, Texas, it's only place in United States where there is actually growing jobs.

  27. I think Mike and Kinky Freeman could become great friends !

  28. What Texas needs is another frigging Mexican. Maybe, the ATF will give him some cool guns.

  29. Yes - come to Texas - your work is cut out for you here. Come slay the mighty Perry dragon and become a constituent of the world's only honest politician - Ron Paul. Observe in action what can only be described as the most corrupt legal system in the country! Texas is indeed the biggest badest, and meanest. More prison inmates, more people on death row, per capita - than anywhere else in the world! Enjoy!

  30. Too late..Mike already got his readers to help pay for his trip to scope out the east coast. His mind is made up. Oh, you think its for the INN world report conference? Do some hard research, write an email to Cindy Sheehan and Paul Craig Roberts, and Wayne Madson (I did). The conference is a joke. Even rumored that it is zionist backed because they will not mention israel EVER!.
    His extreme suport for obama during election time really upset me. His own website says "voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil...He is correct. He abandoned Ron Paul. I didnt. His accuracy rating on subjects is a C+ at best if you pay attention. And putting chemtrails in the same catagory as lochness monsters is beyond ludicrous. It is a subject that should be discussed. How about having to PAY mike 60 bucks so you can comment on his website? He complains about other websites that do that. And if you disagree, he ends your account. Who cares where this joker lives, as long as it is not in my state.
    The only thing he does fairly well, is criticize israel, at least thanks for that.

  31. I see...censor my, now I have more ammunition..I made a short movie clip of me posting both times, and my post being censored..It will be on youtube in short order.
    Thanks. Exactly what I hoped you would do.

  32. stupid texans, you're a bunch of crying babies!

  33. Pluses: Big Bend National Park and... well, plus.

    Minuses: Texans.

    Best reason given to live in Texas: "Well, we were driving 66, and damn broke down..." Should be the official motto of Amarillo.

  34. I would look around the Canyon Lake/Wimberley area. Housing prices are reasonable and it is gorgeous there. You would be centrally located to Austin and San Antonio. There are quite a few movies made around here too and could use your visual effects expertise.

  35. Alex Jones would be your neighbor...just saying.

  36. New Hampshire . . . no sales AND no income tax. Can any of you guys say that ?

  37. Colorado? short growing season, decent activist base, you can still have a goat and all the un registered guns you want haha. and mmj...

    No we can't NH...