Friday, September 2, 2011

Florida Residents Urged to Spy on Each Other Looking For Terrorist dialing 1-800 SCREW YOUR NIEGHBOR

             This is why I left Florida is because of the snitch system where people can call in tips that are false or exaggerated. This is nothing new in Florida with these tip hotlines calling in to report on parents who spank or discipline their children. The person making the call could have a personal problem or just a busybody. I have seen first hand on how the abuse excuse has become a nightmare for an innocent person. I remember the abuse hype in Florida because they care so much for the children is nothing more than the Stasi system.The citizen spy system having people spying on parents because they do not like how they raise their kids or as a way to retaliate against people they just do not like. I know a single mother who lost her three children because she did not have a TV in her home because she did not believe this was good for her children. She was turned in by a tip from an anonymous caller because no TV meant to the snitch is child neglect in their mind.

            Now the State of Florida is going along with the "If you see something say something" campaign going along with Homeland Security encouraging people to spy on each other. Can you imagine a person who has a "Don't tread on me" flag or bumper sticker bringing in his deer rifle from the trunk of his car after hunting last weekend might get a knock on the door from the local police or a SWAT raid doing the dirty work for Homeland Security. It could a be a homeowner buying two bags of fertilizer for his lawn or garden can be suspicious by some ignorant idiot with a phone thinking they are doing their patriotic duty as a good citizen or  slave turning in their neighbor thinking this will make them feel safe from Al Quaida. In reality they are doing nothing to will make anyone any safer from the terrorist,all they are doing if giving the real terrorist some new targets to terrorize with black uniforms and ski mask with MP-5 drawn to scare the hell out of an innocent family.

          There is real terrorism that is not reported right now on the southern border of car bombs going off in the states along the Mexican boundary . We had real terrorism in the 1960s and the 1970s with the Weather Underground and the F.L.A.N. terrorist group that Clinton pardoned that bombed police cars and many officers were killed as a result of their actions. We are not urged to turn in the MS-13 gangs or La Raza, according to our government they are not the threat to us. It is the evil white people who believe in the Constitution, the right to keep and bear arms and want Ron Paul as President that are the real threat

         What I see is these tip lines are nothing more than the government using the people to justify their jobs encouraging people to look at what is normal everyday activity as possible terrorism. It can be people talking on their cell phones to two people talking in the car in Wal Mart parking lot. They want us to be paranoid taking the normal and everyday activity; making it suspicious when it is really not. People need to stop allowing fear to take place of using common sense and the ability to think rationally. We are more  likely to die being in a car wreck or drowning the bath tub than being hit by a terrorist. People please use your head and stop buying into all the hype and hysteria generated by the government.

         We are now approaching the 10th anniversary of the attacks of September 11th. The Government's official story has more holes than Swiss cheese which points to an inside job. This event was the cornerstone to putting in a police state. Many good Americans died more from the TSA and Police brutality than from terrorism in those 10 years than died on that 9-11. The Patriot act and the formation of the TSA has terrorized  more Americans than Osama Bin Laden. We are not any safer and in more danger with police kicking in doors in the name of the war on drugs and terror than what Al Quaida did. So ask yourself are we any safer than we were 10 years ago? Than what good will it do to turn in your neighbor? No one will be any safer calling the tip line for everything that goes bump in the night. Perhaps, we more in danger because of the abuses of the government in the name of the war on terror, because they have become the terrorist themselves.

         If you see something say something. That something is our government is out of control, and do not be afraid to say it. It is free speech, not an act of terrorism


  1. Americans don't have the intelligence to know how to stand up to their government.

  2. People don't like to think, period. Hate week they can understand. And if the rabbit hole is too dark, run home. Even though home isn't there anymore. And the rabbit hole deepens, out of their control.

  3. Snitching is exactly what we should be doing. All of us. Every day.

    Can you imagine the system, just flooded with calls? Millions of calls, every single day? Total chaos. Everything would be lost in the static. With not enough manpower, the system would be rendered useless.

    That is how The People can fight back.