Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Riots in England Tells Us Never Surrender Our Firearms to the State

                The United Kingdom has become a police state on steroids. The bankers have looted the nation with no more opportunity for young people and just getting by with very little. What also has happened is over 10 years ago is the people of the UK lost their right to keep and bear arms. These riots are out of frustration because of economic frustration and political corruption. There are many contributing factors for this happening. Most of the rioters are thugs out to create mayhem. Many good people are defenseless like sitting ducks.

                Therefore, if People of the United Kingdom did not comply with surrendering their firearms to the state and ignored the decree. The government would not be out of control. The United Kingdom has hate crime laws and police abuses like never before. They have attacked free speech in many ways. The country has more cameras on the streets watching everyone than any other country. Still during these riots, they are useless to stop the riots. England has become to total surveillance society. Child Protective Services is more out of control over there more than the United States. Because the people have no means to counter government abuse when they have no guns to defend themselves.

              If the people of England did not give, up their guns and told the government "no, we will not give up our right to bear arms". The people being armed might be able to stop the rioting from escalating if the right to self-defense is recognized. Law-abiding people are arrested if they defend their homes from invaders trying to do harm. When the right to self-defense is taken away from the people, bad things happen by government abuse. You can count on the government becoming a threat to the security and safety of all the people when the state has a monopoly on force.

               I am glad to see the people in England are buying baseball bats on the Internet to defend themselves from a criminal element in society and in the government. The people have a right to defend themselves not matter what the law says they cannot. Let this be a lesson to us about what happens when we give up our guns to the state. We must keep that equalization of force between the government and the people. People should be upset at the government for doing the will of the bankers who by design created this economic catastrophe cause these unnecessary hardships.

               The people of England Should have said no to the giving up their firearms in a loud voice. They would still have that right to say no to everything else with draconian laws rammed down their throats the years following. The people get this abusive government when they allow gun control. The Police will not stop the destruction and the people are left to fend for themselves. This is wrong.

                 As Americans, if we do not give up our guns to the state in the name of public safety. They cannot implode our economy completely if the armed populace can go after those responsible for this carnage in the economy. The Police state is there for one reason. To be the rear echelon or the century guard to protect the criminals in power and the corrupt system from the people bringing those to justice. When the government does not have a monopoly of force and the people still have the means to self defense or offensive actions to take back the government. It will be hard to loot the nation when the people are armed. I say the United States will be a hard country to take down if we still have our guns. No army in the world can stop us.





  1. It's VERY suspicious!

    I'd like to know, how come ONLY the mom & pop shops are being attacked? Why only that part of town? Why are the working classes being the ones targeted ? The nobodies? The innocent passers-by. The non-Mercedes or non-Bentley being torched? The homes of the lower/middle classes?

    Why if these hoodie HOODLUMS are so disgruntled by THE System- why aren't they going into the wealthy areas? OR the Banks, OR the Stock Exchange? OR the wealthy areas? Why not march to the Palace?

    And the scum cops are standing by and looking on-allowing it to happen!

    It looks like these are GOVERNMENT AGENTS PROVOCATEURS - hired to pretend they are fr We, THE People- to give the impression it is the citizens doing this destruction. Maybe, these hoodies are even from the wealthy, the Controllers - because they're sure NOT going into the rich areas!

    But drawing the world's to make it think they're OUR People. And in this way, give an excuse for bringing in the Military.

    It would be the "gallows" humor of the scum ptb, their type of joke, to have We, THE People scream for Martial Law, to be brought on on ourselves - esp. when We hv been the law-abiding ones. Unbeknownst to ourselves, calling for our own repression!

  2. These swine gaming the system while the SEC watches porn all day on their $200,000 salaries and refuses to actually prosecute any market embezzlers deserve whatever their victims care to do to them. And that could be terminal.

  3. In the early days of WWII the British were pushed back by the Germans to Dunkirk.

    The British literally didn’t have enough arms for defense of their country so the call went out for help to the USA.

    The NRA organized a drive for its members to support the British people buy sending them guns.

    American gun owners sent the British people approximately 2 million rifles on the promise that those guns would be sent back after the war.

    Many gun owners dug deep and sent their best guns to the British people.

    After the war the it was decided that it would be too expensive to send those rifles back to the American people.

    So the Brits cut off the barrels and used them for rebar, burned the wood and scrapped the rest.

    There was never any restitution made for those guns.

    Some believe the reason the Germans never invaded Briton was the fear of the people aiding the British army against an invasion supported by American civilian arms.

    Personally I don’t care what happens to the Brits; they lied to the American gun owners that saved their butts.