Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to Survive If You Cannot Afford Silver and Gold

              I have to say if the dollar implodes. It is not the end of the world, life goes on. I could not afford too much gold and silver like many people with a tight budget. But I did come up with some ideas that might help you. There are tangible items we can use that are just as good as gold and silver. The truth is we all have to something to exchange that will benefit you and others just as well in surviving an economic collapse. It is just learning to go back to basics with the barter system.

              One of things I have done was go to all the estate sales and the thrift stores. They have items in these places that are not China junk like manual can openers, mixers and blenders that are hand cranked. I brought boxes and boxes of these things because many people will not have power and all those appliances that run on electricity become useless. Having these manual items that are manaul does become a valuable. These are things that can be traded with others to get things you need you may not have.

              I stocked up on tea bags and very cheap coffee I keep in deep freeze till it is needed ready to trade. Even trading heirloom seeds for growing food is a option to trade. I brought packets of sugar along with sweet and low at bulk at a convenient stores, if you ask the managers they will sell a box at cost. I did this buying lemon packets, honey packets and non dairy creamers. I even have boxes of sigle serving instant coffee packets. Even buying in bulk Ibuprofen and Aspirin can be usefull too. There are many things we can trade with our neighbors to sustain ourselves. These are just some of the things I did to prepare for what is ahead.

               One of the rules is to trade with only people I know being skeptical of strangers. Trade only with people who will stay quiet not telling outsiders what you have.Therefore do not not tell curious people what your nieghbor has either.The other rule is not to think what is in it for me, instead think of both parties will come out satified trading. Try not to be stingy in your dealings. It is going to be very hard to be helpful. We will have to use a lot of descretion and be very wise to what goes on around us. Many people will be scouting for places to steal in these times. Have your guns and ammo ready.

               I could be right or wrong. Many people do not have a big budget to work with. Regardless of gold and silver being encouraged to have. There are things we can do we can get to help us survive. The barter system is the oldest form of trade that is just as good as money or evern better. Having the basic provisions and preparing for the inevidable is important. Most people will not have gold and silver. But it does not mean they are not without hope. If we stock up on items to can trade or use our skills we learned to make things. We will prevail. The whole purpose is the survive as a community without the government's help.


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