Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Hostile Takeover By Police Chief Dictatorship Could Create A Public Backlash. Remember Athens,TN in 1946

           This is what happens when we do not pay attention to the people we elect on the local level because we are so preoccupied with the State and national politics. We forget that corruption is ripe more than ever on the local level. When a corrupt city council and a police chief violating parliamentary procedure over riding the mayor because a citizen was exercising their freedom of speech exposing the corruption in the city government.

          What we are seeing is a hostile takeover of the city of Quartzsite Arizona where the corrupt unelected and appointed city council and a Police chief is trying to fire an elected mayor for his opposition to the corrupt policies in city government and the underhanded methods they been using to enact laws in an illegal manor. I wonder if the Police chief is receiving federal money from Homeland security to remove the civil power from the local municipalities and run the city with an iron fist as a dictator. Is this a move by the Police chief doing the dirty work for the authoritarians in Washington DC? Is the Police Chief is under orders to remove the troublemakers on the local level who might stand in the way of tyranny? Is he doing the bidding for Homeland Security to subdue the people and the local leaders?

           The Federal government knows if we take back our cities, counties and states. It is over for them if the people take back the powers to self govern. One if things that might happen is cities removing Police Chiefs who are taking federal money to violate people's rights when the patriots are in charge and place someone in that position who will be an actual peace officer who respects the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If we take, back our cities and county governments. It is over for the tyrants in Washington DC. We must not allow Police chiefs like in Quartzsite Arizona have their way attacking free speech using official oppression. These tactics to declare Martial Law in the city shows his intention to use intimidation and fear to keep the people in line.

           This is nothing new. We have seen Police Chiefs all over the country arresting city Council members for speaking out against Police Policies and conduct of the officers. We seen police beat up people protesting in front of city council meetings. This is showing the training the police are receiving from the ADL, SPLC and the Federal government have created hostility between the police and the people. We can see not so much the regular member officers on the beat who hate this corruption too. The corrupt officers are who get the reward moving up to positions of power within departments, not the good officers who respect human dignity. The Police Chief of Quartzite Arizona is a prime example of the corrupt reaching positions of power.

           When repeated humble petitions with a long train of abuses to follow. This might trigger an uprising on the local level removing corrupt Police Chiefs and politicians on the local level. This happened in 1946 when World War II veterans in Athens Tennessee took back the county government that was trying to become a dictatorship. They took up arms and once they bad people surrendered. They stripped the politicians naked and sent them to the county line. When we see city government usurping power and over reaching where people cannot grow gardens and Sheriff does house-to-house searches without search warrants after a court ruling in Indiana. This might push people over the edge to finally act and take matters into their own hands when the system fails. We might see similar actions like the people in Athens where the corrupt government is dealt with and the civil government is restored.

             What is going on in Quartzite Arizona might be an indicator that may have the Federal government scared. Why because if the right people take back city and county government from their corrupt minions who might be doing the dirty work for the Federal government to tyrannize the people. This could spoil their plans to dominate and take over. If the Federal government does not have corroboration with the local governments so, they can carry out an authoritarian agenda to subjugate the citizens. It is over. An Athens type of rebellion on the local level does pose a threat to the tyrants because it can encourage other revolts in cities nationwide or put fear into already in place small city governments that have large armed populations. I hope what is happening in Quartzite Arizona that civil government is restored in a peaceful manner with the Police chief arrested instead of an armed revolt.


  1. The strongest gang around...Police will always do as the pleased! People in the US will sadly never do anything about it. Complaining is as far as they will go. No spine, no balls. Home of the braves has become home of the sheeps. Saddly enough people's hopes no longer matters. To serve and protect is no longer for the public! The only authority allowed now... Is the police authority! Follow their laws or be ready to take some time out in Jail! Basicaly, The Constitution is dead and cremated. NWO is a sure happening. Wanted or not. To call the Police for help is risk taking now. Would you ask help from a gang?

  2. Sounds like Oregon cops, all of them out of control, acting like an organized crime syndicate. Cops have become a bigger problem than the other criminals they were hired to protect good people from. If you ever plan to drive a vehicle in Oregon, you should first read the facebook post for, "Gary Don Oliver, Kelso, Washington," and don't drive alone. (You may need to be a member of facebook, and click on the WALL button below the photo.)

  3. I know exactly how Oregon cops are as I was arrested by them for exercising my Constitutional rights. That's all I can sat for now....

  4. This is a great comparison! Similar things happen with local councils under Agenda21. It's difficult to kick out the basic policies as they are unconnected with individual people, so voting out individuals doesn't work. The public needs to understand that BOTH the parties involved and the policies that allow the mismanagement of public trust need to be stripped naked and marched to the county line.

  5. Sometimes your sentences don't parse according to the commie-pinko-eastcoast-liberal-NonTexan accepted rules of human-based languages, but they're still understandable. If you'll first put your sentences through an English language parser at least it'll warn you which sentences will make the Grammar Nazis most angry. You could even use it to make worse ones!

    Free as air, too.

  6. It's just the beginning, Quartzite is just a test to see what they could get away with.
    The state is doing nothing, even though the AZ AG has received thousands of calls and emails, the government is illegitimate.


  7. How did it ever become legal that hired thugs, which is what they were at one time (Police), gained autority to arrest citizens. That authority once was only granted to the ELECTED sheriff and his deputies. Why do we have police at all? The sheriff is a municipal constitutional guard. What law gives police the right to exist at all?

  8. If we lose the Internet though we're all finished. We wouldn't know how to organize to fight them except on the ground level and that's not going to be pleasant.

  9. Hi everyone! It really gets me when you see millions of people watching a ball game, and getting so fired up about it, oh boy... and NO ONE DOING A DAMNED THING ABOUT THIS BASTARD ILLEGAL COUNCIL AND THE RAT POLICE CHIEF, AND HIS USEFUL IDIOTS CALLED POLICE, OR PUBLIC SERVANTS, THE SCUM...
    This is your town. Take it back...There is a way, THINK, THINK, which up until now none of us Americans have done, but there's always a way, GET IT DONE...

  10. I like how we read about this, but there is no one doing anything about it, but talk.
    I don't live there but it could happen were I live.
    But let me say one thing I would hope this would happen so every one would get there head out of there ass's and do something about it.
    Take back there town. And remove that pace of shit.
    But no one has the ball's to do so.
    If I could I would, I am an old man
    But the young should stand up for there rights.
    But as all ways we will still be talking about it next year and so on. So do what you do best and that is nothing. But when it happens to you, this take it in the ass, like you all ways do. And this be happy with it.

  11. Great Article. We are under the same demise in a small town in Maine. The Police Chief has been there some 30 plus years. He was a patrolman for about 8 years. He has his own Goon Squad that intimidate and harass most of the citizens. But we are fighting back. He is soon to retire with a retirement package of some 1.7 miillion dollars out of the taxpayers. The town council is a new form of government from a selectman type. And they are corrupt and using Federal funds to promote and profit individually. Check us out. Over three years about we banded together and formed a blog. www.lisbonreporter.com and they tried everything to stop us. BUT COULD NOT! We have been exposing their corruption ever since. And continue now with pending lawsuits and all.