Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gov Perry is a Good Speaker,But a Weak Leader. Equals a true Politician,Not a Statesmen

               I have learned over the years of being deceived by the Bush brothers about real and phony leadership. They talk tough and say what we want to hear to get our hopes up. When it comes time to deliver on their promises, they change their tune and say they “tried their best”. If anyone thinks, Gov Rick Perry will be the savior of the republican field of candidates bringing conservative leadership to Washington. Please, do not hold your breath and I hope you turn blue in the face believing his lies.

               The Texas governor is a weak leader. He is a good speaker and does have the ability to flatter the voters. When it comes time to deliver on what he says. He is not a leader. He just parades in front of the camera and say why it cannot be accomplished at this time. He is the problem in Texas. He has never has brought a solution to the table that is real or practical that does something right for a change. Texas does very well not because of Rick Perry. Texas is doing well compared to other states is because Texans are hard workers and always finds a way to make it happen. To see Governor Perry as President after Obama leaves office. I will say nothing will change. The draconian executive orders will still be in place and the illegal wars will keep continuing.

               Right now at this moment, if the Texas governor wanted to show true leadership and lead the way. Right after the special session in the legislature ended. The anti TSA bill died despite much popular support of the people of Texas to reign in groping and invasive searches at the airport. He did not need a bill from the Legislature to act. He could have announced that he will use existing state law to arrest TSA agents for groping and fondling people. He would have inspired Texans to stand up for their rights and say "no" to the body scanners and enhanced pat downs.He would have used existing radiological laws to shut down the body scanners. True leaders would have taken the risk a constitutional standoff with the Federal government. Governor Perry is so out of touch that he would not realize the people around the country would have rallied around Texas if he showed political courage. He does not inspire people to act like free people should. True leaders would have motivated people to think for themselves and not tolerate the TSA.

               Governor Perry has rolled over so many times to Washington DC. He never called a special session when Obama care became law. He never called back the state legislature when the Texas refused the new green house gas regulations and the EPA took over the permitting process that was Texas's jurisdiction. The Federal government has no legal authority to do so. The Federal government is walking all over Texas like the one time they did last winter with rolling blackouts. He talked a tough talk about secession and not putting up with the heavy hand of Washington DC. He has written a book called "Fed Up" at this point the words ring hollow because they mean nothing if there is no action to back it up.

              I have been reading history about real leaders and not just con artist. President Andrew Jackson was a leader when he killed the bank. He faced many assassination attempts and an economic turmoil standing up to the bankers. True leaders take political and person risk. They put politics last and doing what is right first. The end of the day, Old Hickory won and killed the second bank of the United States. We do not see these types of leaders today. We have a bunch of con artist and opportunist saying things we want to hear and not keeping their promises. That is Gov Perry in a nutshell.

             America along with Texas suffers not from an economic crisis or threats to our freedoms .We have a leadership crisis and too many voters stuck on stupid. They cannot discern anything when they enter the voting booth. Many are crying for Rick Perry to run for President. He is not going to save America at all. He will just continue what Obama has done with a Texas accent being the only difference. Rick Perry is Obama wearing a Stetson hat. There is no difference between the two; Gov Rick Perry is a consummate politician. He is not a leader. He is not the man we need in the White House.

             Congressmen Ron Paul even though not a perfect person and I do not agree with everything he says. He has been the voice for years warning us of the consequences of reckless monetary policies and out of control spending. For many years, he stood alone with no public support proposing bills to audit and end the Federal Reserve Bank. That is leadership when people laughed at him for what he has been saying all these years, now he has vindication because it is happening before our very eyes what he had predicted has now happened.

            So before all you people go fawn and drool over slick Rick running for president. The people must really look at his record and his ability to lead when Texans needed a leader the most. He has failed repeatedly. He has sold out Texas at the Builderberg meeting for power, almost gave our highways to Spain against the will of the people. Gov. Perry has not one trait of a good leader, but the character of a weak person following orders of his masters, with no moral compass. He is no more a Christian than Anton Levey is. In hope, the people of Texas and the Americans around the country learn about the real Rick Perry before they cast their vote. We need true leader and not another globalist puppet.


  1. I checked-in after several weeks of not reading anything you wrote. You had already proven multiple times that you are a cripple when it comes to using words, and that you feel it totally unnecessary to raise the standards of your behavior.
    This article is pathetic. Any sentence must have a predicate and a verb. I counted six "sentences" in the first three paragraphs that did not meet this basic standard.
    You are an embarrassment to intelligent Texans. You make a Texan look like an ignorant inbred redneck.
    Grow up or shut up.
    I'll check in again in a month or two to see if you have tried to improve.
    Yeah, right, like that is going to happen.

  2. Well you seem like a Goerge Soros troll. A Obamanoid or a globalist hack. You cannot seem to attack the messege. You just attack the wrters ability since you cannot argue the content. It typical ploy used by the oppostition to discourage people.

  3. Anybody who stands up and says they are proud of being from the state that elected LBJ, two different Bush crime family members and John Connally is someone who needs to look in the mirror before throwing stones. Show bravery before showing obnoxiousness. Be a tiger. Clean up Texas. Realman2020, don't print this pigeon pecking criticism. Differing points of view can be good.
    Dr. Paul will probably encounter problems with the Fed and their hoodlums. Any suggestions on how to help get the country back? Too bad more Texans aren't like Jack Brooks and Dr. Paul.

  4. "You just attack the wrters ability since you cannot argue the content."

    Perfect example! "You just attack the wrters..."

    You couldn't even use spell check. This is YOUR work, Realman. It's a reflection on YOU. This blog is how the world perceives YOU.

    How many times do you have to hear about your lack of writing skill? How many people need to say, "use spell check". How often must someone comment about your grammar?

    EVERY single post of yours, someone mentions your butchering of the language.

    They can't all be Goerge Soros or Obamanoid trolls can they?

    I mean, the hubris on this guy is incredible. Do you honestly think Realman, HONESTLY THINK, that billionaire Soros, or Obama, or the Fed, or anyone else you care to mention, cares AT ALL about your blog? I doubt they even know it exists! If you hadn't donated to whatreallyhappened, Rivero would have never put a link on his page.


    How many times do you have to hear it?

  5. Excellent article, and I agree that Ron Paul is the man that has been speaking truth to power alone for 30 yrs. It is high time we Texans get behind him and back him up! He will vote in favor of the Constitution and not for special liberal interests.