Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We Must Kill the UN Small Arms Treaty

                 We all should know now that disarming the people is a precursor to mass killings of the population. We all know the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed because it is in our Bill of Rights. We have seen in history that government has been the cause of hundreds of millions of deaths. Many innocent and disarmed people without a means of defense thanks to gun control now in mass graves because they were disarmed The United Nations and the Obama administration are our enemies. Why I say, because they are coming for our guns vigorously Firearms in the hands of the people is an equalization of force between the citizens and government. Criminals in government cannot have an armed populace. They need a monopoly of force to impose terror and genocide on the population. 

                  The Obama Administration through the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has done what we expected. She singed the UN Small Arms treaty in 2010 that goes against our second amendment. This treaty is not about arms trade between nations. It is about disarming the world where the people are disarmed. We will be at the mercy of a world dictatorship has all power at the barrel of a gun. The United States stands in the way of the world government's dream of domination of the masses. The only way they will take us down is not crashing the dollar or destroying our economy. It is when they disarm the people. As long, the people are possession of arms to the teeth. What they try to do so they wreck this nation will all for nothing in vain if they go against an armed populace. If they do not have our guns out of our possession, their dreams of conquest will fail.

                 This UN Small Arms Treaty must not pass and needs to be defeated right now. We cannot count on the next Presidential Election hoping a conservative will remove the Untied State's signature from the treaty. These tyrants will try every underhanded way to get around the Constitution, the rules, and every parliamentary procedure to ratify this treaty. If they have to use a quorum when our Senators and Representative are home on recess, a few traitors will with a voice vote try to ratify the treaty instead a full Senate vote with everyone on record, as the Constitution requires. This President and this Administration is criminal and dangerous. The will stop at nothing until the people are disarmed. Either we stop this President now in tracks or he will not stop until he gets what he wants.


  1. Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US
    Get the US out of NATO or we will catch the European Disease like a bad case of gonorrhea
    Get our military out of Europe, Japan, Korea, and the middle east.

  2. We have put up with 911, the Patriot Act, trillions given to Goldman Sachs and associates, "free speech zones", the federal reserve banking fraud, gun carry permits and outright bans without going directly to the shot callers and killing them.
    Why are Evelyn & Jacob Rothschilds still breathing our air? The queens? Blankfein, Diamond, Eisner, Redstone, Soros, Slim, Buffet, Turner etc. Almost all politicians merely provide us with the illusion of having a representative republic instead of the actual OLIGARCHY!

    Why haven't we moved? Well, I don't want to sit in a prison cell the rest of my life or get my head blown off by a body guard I didn't see on the roof. Can't enjoy the fruits of my patriotic duty from a cage.
    Why haven't pilots dropped some bombs on AIPAC, the Rothschild estates etc? Pilots love to fly too much and will do anything to keep flying. To hell with the constitution they say.

    How about our colonels and generals? How come they haven't sent out some squads to do the deed instead of killing Arabs wearing sandals and tending goats? Well, most of them love strutting around wearing those silly baubles. Pin a few medals and ribbons on some guys and they'll kill their mother and children.

    Where are the mechanics???

  3. The UN small arms treaty is a bit of paper. A gun is a piece of metal, out of which at great speed comes other bits of metal. Treaty or no treaty, I invite any despot, at home or abroad, to come and forcibly attempt to grab the guns in the US. I actually can't wait for them to attempt it so they could see what will happen next. Any takers? Despots? No?

  4. A few choice phrases. We call these 'howlers' because they really do make you howl. In laughter or disbelief, take your pick.

    "It is about disarming the world where the people are disarmed." Disarm a disarmed world? That's going to be either very easy or very difficult.

    "The only way they will take us down is not crashing the dollar or destroying our economy." So they'll take us down by NOT crashing the dollar? Sounds good to me!

    "As long, the people are possession of arms to the teeth." Doesn't really seem *that* long.

    "What they try to do so they wreck this nation will all for nothing in vain if they go against an armed populace." All for nothing *and* in vain? Overachievers I guess.

    I love your site here realman2020. I just can't get this kind of writing anywhere else on the web. Keep it up.

  5. This is what people in rural New Mexico say about back east politicians who sign treaties that limit gun ownership.


  6. Howlers comment - spot freaking on. RealMan is Al Qaeda for the English Language, and this blog is his Jihad. He wants nothing more than to see the English language destroyed, and is doing his own part to bring about its demise.

    For the morons who won't pick up on what I actually just said, no, I didn't call RealMan Al Qaeda. I'm stating that his writing is SO FUCKING AWFUL that it's like he despises the English language much like Al Qaeda despises western civilization.

    RealMan - if you were a "real man" you would take more care in your writing. If you want to be Thomas Paine - start fucking writing better; because you're nothing but an embarrassment otherwise.

  7. I agree with anonymous above,we just can't get this writing anywhere else on the web. I find that almost everyday, I'm reading this site, and the information is very pertinent.

    Yesterday, I was banned for life from because I posted a link to a website that was showing the Oscar winning documentary, Inside Job. It was immediately attacked and people were warned not to open the link because it had viruses in it. There were about 4 bankster trolls moderating the chat. They were saying that we should let the banksters off the hook and not try to prosecute them. They actually were promoting Herman Cain, from the Federal Reserve, to be our next president. This informational website was created by a young women who hoped one day to receive a mortgage modification and wanted to help others. I guess she got her house payed off. I've seen many blogs that sold out. (Capitol Hill Blue and Infowars)

    I hope the lonestarwatchdog remains true to his heart and keeps telling it like it is.

  8. Any one seen this treaty. I have searched but with no luck.

  9. Well don't worry about unconstitutional laws because if they VILOATE the constitution they are null and void....period. Don't let them fool you into thinking otherwise. Rights are granted to you by God and superior to the laws of man. Fuck them if they "think" they can outlaw arms, my rights are mine and not for someone else to delegate to me.