Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Texas Governor May Not See The Light. So Lets Make Him Feel The Heat.We Want The TSA Bill Passed Into Law

                There is no doubt in my mind Governor Perry plays dirty politics. I do not know were he stands on anything. He cannot be a man I can trust on to being consistent on the issues. So far his book “Fed Up" really rings hollow in my mind. He has not done anything to defend the people of Texas from the abuses of the Federal government. The TSA has been in the public eye because if their abuses of publicly molesting people in plain sight as a condition to travel by an airplane. State Representative David Simpson submitted HB-1937 in regular session. With strong public support, the bill passed the house unanimously and was nixed in the Senate by Sen. Kirk Watson with Lt Governor David Dewhurst playing cut throat two faced politics twisting Senator's arms.

              Many are aware Gov Rick Perry called a special session to wrap up a few spending bills concerning the budget. The Governor said he will sign HB-1937 if it passed the legislator. We all knew that did not happen. For some strange reason the governor did include HB-1937 in the special session after calling for a special session. The Lt Governor has had his ass handed back to him by the angry people of Texas after it was found out he had played a part in killing the bill in the Senate. Now he reconsiders and now pleads with Gov Perry to put the bill in the special session. Still the Governor has not put the bill back in the agenda of the special session. It is good to know that two identical bills of HB 1937 are now again on file in both chambers of the legislator. On the House side by Rep Simpson filed HB-41 and Sen. Patrick with SB-29.

            To me saying he supported the bill. Do I get the impression he just playing lip service to the people. He has burned Texans so many times. We need to put his money were his mouth is. Is Rick Perry really "Fed up" with the heavy hand of Washington DC? We all need to hold his feet to the fire and make him feel the heat. If he is serious, about freedom and liberty to be very sacred in Texas. We have no choice than to give him hell and force him to eat those words. If he does not act on what he says. Let his words haunt him .We should all ridicule him saying his book "Fed Up" is not worthy to take up space on my bookshelf to collect dust. I feel sorry for the dust mites if they reside on his book. If he does not pass this bill and blows off the people of Texas. Then the Governor should not run for President ,because this will dog at him if he has the audacity to think we will forget. So lets give him hell and make him feel the heat if he does not see the light.


  1. I'm FED UP with Perry! Like what the hell, man? He talks and talks but what's happening? FED UP!!!!

  2. Keep after the sorry son of a bitch! Well done.

  3. Why not post his phone number or any other pertinent number so we can call...just saying.

  4. Look Perry, it all gets really simple, Serve the People of Texas, or GET OUT, and we will find someone who can.

    And that's it!

  5. This site is a real treat for me. Here's some of my favorite lines.

    "Lt Governor David Dewhurst playing cut throat tow faced politics twisting Senator's arms." Lotta action in that sentence. I understand cutthroat. But what are tow faced politics? Tow the line? Toe to toe?

    "The Governor said he will sign HB-1937 if it passed the legislator." Sure. But *which* legislator?

    "The Lt Governor has had his ass handed back to him" So he gave it to someone, and they handed it back to him?

    "It is good to know that two identical bills of HB 1937 are now again on file in both chambers of the legislator." WHICH ONE?

    "To me saying he supported the bill." Is this a stage direction?

    This really is one of my favorite sites.

  6. 512-463-2000 Texas Gov Rick Perry's main number. Be sure to call often just to say 'Hey'.

  7. Kinky Friedman would never have stood for this.

  8. Neither would Debra Medina who ran against Perry in 2010 but, thanks to Glenn Beck and his BS about her being a 9-11 "truther" which led her to backpedal, she wasn't even close. So, we got Perry back.

    When will Texans stop listening to demagogic lies and seek the truth? Til then, don't expect liberty to just happen.

  9. The time to smell out a rat is when you are volunteering for a local political party to get somebody in. Governor Ann, was she O.K.? I don't know. So many of them are heartbreakers but you can usually pick them out by the presence of a handler so they don't mingle with 'the troops'. Texas is famous for violent corruption, which the satanists have found attractive over the past 50 years or so (at least!). Good luck draining the swamp. Apparently, general Aquino gained his position as chief of all military psychological warfare under Bill Clinton and George Bush. Clinton worked under GHW Bush. Think Brownsville, 1968.

  10. Check out Mocek vs. NM. There is a cure. Hit them with this and fly.

  11. It is very discouraging when a politician such as Perry gets elected into office and does nothing but to turn people's expectations down. Well, we can let him feel the heat by exposing what he has not done for the people and what he has done against the people. Let everyone know that he is a good-for-nothing governor and he should not be elected for any government office ever again.

  12. Oh dear, oh dear - does it take an outsider to see where Texas is going with this?

    NOWHERE - fast!

    Reason is:- Patriot Acts voided Constitution & Bill of Rights. Your 'representatives' no longer represent YOU - they represent the new 4th Reich/Zionist Occupied Government. YOU don't count.

    Forcibly strike down the Patriot Acts (rammed though on a Big Lie) and you just might get somewhere - until then, all bets are off. Seriously!

    Ever see the film 'Idiocracy' ? I suspect the scriptwriter was far too kind setting it in 2505AD... watch out for those Brawndo effects :(

  13. Reason is:- Patriot Acts voided Constitution & Bill of Rights. Your 'representatives' no longer represent YOU - they represent the new 4th Reich/Zionist Occupied Government. YOU don't count.

    Very very very true!

    "If voting changed anything, TPTB would make it illegal over night."

  14. I repeat, ckeck up on Mocek v. NM or State of New Mexico v. Mocek and the acquital for TSA misconduct. If you people don't want to stop whining, I'm sure your parents want to hear more of it.

  15. NobodysaysBOO:
    The US can NOT put a person into space anymore, if we could send a person/s to our moon and return the distance traveled will ONLY be half as long as the list of CRIMINALS and TRAITORS that the FOOLS of MEXAS have ELECTED and POOPED out on the rest of the WORLD!