Monday, May 9, 2011

TSA Courting Local Law Enforcement To Grope at the Shopping Malls?


             One May 9, 2011. I was listening to Joyce Riley on the Power Hour this morning. In the second hour there was a caller who has a close friend in Law Enforcement who called into the show. What this sworn peace officer shared with the caller. He shared about the Transportation Security Administration was having  meetings the with Local Law Enforcement agencies trying to sell local Police Officers why people need to be groped to enter a shopping malls. They want to detain more people based on 69 signs to look for in people as a possible threats to national security.
              What was really admitted by the TSA to local police was they need to police to back them up because agents do not have arrest powers as a sworn Peace officer has and need to collaboration with the local police to make their scam work. This must be resisted at the local level. If any Police Chief, Sheriff and Local Politicians accept federal money to go along with this.They must be recalled and fired. This is our chance push back against Federal incursion.
               Terrorism is a hyped to enrich the security spook and cook complex and a power grab by the Federal government to use any excuse to get into our personal space. More people drown in their bathtub,get killed in their cars or die from snake bites than from Terrorism. We do not see government intervention to rescue us from all these mishaps that happen daily just living our lives. This hysteria telling us that men with beards and turbans are out till kill us is a fabrication to scare us. They will try to stage a false flag attack on a soft target to justify rolling the Police State as never before all to keep us safe of course.
                I will not tolerate the TSA interfering with my daily life just to go shopping for food or a pair of shoes no matter if they pull a false flag or not.I rather face the danger than lose my freedom. If my county Sheriff goes along with this nonsense because the Federal government give him toys from military surplus and grant money to allow this.I will work to have him removed from office by recall or not having him reelected. This were we need to push back now or next they will be groping us in our own homes.



  1. From antiwar (funny):

  2. It is coming. RESIST! When they attempt to grope anyone SHOUT. NO, NO, NO. One hundred people shouting cannot be stopped without making national news.

  3. The national news is THE problem. They are completely on board with the whole "war of terror". All of this personal intrusion comes directly from Israel. These snakes have infiltrated our media and govt. and have made THEIR enemies ours.

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