Monday, May 2, 2011

Say No to Direct Deposit For Social Security Checks

Who benefits from no paper checks forcing people to get bank accounts? The excuse of conserving trees and or saving money is just a farce to me. Many people to this day do not trust the banks to hold their money. There has been fraud causing checks to bounce for non sufficient funds when the money was in the account all along.
The Social Security Administration has told recipients they will no longer be issued paper checks and will be direct deposited instead into a bank account.Why force people do business with a bank. I do not trust the bank. My money is safer on my person than in these thieves hands were they can charge fees on every transaction to solve insolvency problem of the banks?
I have to wonder were does the bank come up with maintenance fees for my money in their bank when they use my deposited money in their fractional reserve scam so they can loan money out.DO they dust off, clean my money and hang it to dry so it is nice and clean when I ask for it. No they did not.It will be the banker who will benefit from this direct deposit scam on Social Security since they had been caught doing illegal foreclosures to update their balance sheets. Forcing Social Security recipients is a way to keep their balance sheets looking good.
Another concern is a move to a cashless society were all money is digital and to stop any form of an underground economy with an alternative currency outside the Federal Reserve System. We must say no to digital currencies or being forced to have a bank account.Cash is privacy and out of the view of the IRS monitoring our transactions in real time. This move forcing people who get government checks to do business with a bank as a condition receive funds they payed in the system all their life is a step toward to start moving one group of people into a cashless society. DO not trust government and do not trust the banks. I see an hidden agenda. Do you?

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  1. Don't look at me. I only do cash. Always have, always will. Never had a credit card in my life, either; and I'm no spring chicken.