Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden has Been Dead For a While!.Show Me the Body like Saddam Husseins Two Sons Were Put on DIsplay

This smells to high heaven and seems like an act of political desperation. It has been confirmed by many sources Bin Laden could not survive in a cave because he needed kidney dialysis. The CIA asset died of natural causes many years ago. Every video and audio recording was a fake and a fraud concocted by our intelligence agencies to raise terrorist warnings for political purposes.
I want to see the body.What was the purpose to quickly bury Osama bin laden at sea. I want to see the body and then I will believe the news. I want to see the dialysis marks on his body. The then which Bin Laden is it. Was it the one smiling who was writing with his right hand when he is left handed?Was it the Bin Laden with the grey beard and the one with the one with a regular brown beard? What ship buried Bin Laden at sea?
This seems like a political move because Barrack Obama. The President is in trouble with very low approval ratings. If he really wants to prove it. At least President George W. Bush during the Iraq conflict had Saddam Hussein's two sons on public display before they were laid to rest.There was no observance to Islamic law concerning burial of the bodies. They had no trouble hanging Saddam Hussein on video.Why so secretive if they really killed Osama Bin Laden. I want to see the body. Than I will believe the news.
This President is in hot water with the American people. The people no longer have confidence in his leadership and his ability to lead. Using the Osama Bin Laden card was an act of political desperation. Next there might be a false flag attack claiming to be in retaliation to killing Osama Bin Laden might be in the cards. I approach this breaking news with great skepticism because there is no evidence there was any operation took place. No video of burial at sea or the body. All we have to go on is the President's words which we have no confidence in what he says because the words he is speaking are coming from a teleprompter.


  1. LOL.
    The 1 good thing is, a good party means a day off,we need a good reason 2 party who cares the name,they put on it.
    When I worked in Portugal they had so many holidays they had collected around the world and brought home,that you never worked a full week with out a day off and a party!
    SO lets get congress goin for a national party down day bill for a law,what the hell the only workers are gov and wets anyway!
    Of course this ben ladin is dead 10 years now so what,the 911 will never be investigated if fact there perps will do it again and again!
    DO you think they will stop with building demos and jewish lighting attacks or will they turn bloody and use nueks on their own citizens?Maybe the question is when?
    ps thax for the free speech option.

  2. Just when you thought they couldn't pile the shit any higher...

    Watching the TV news last night I really felt like I was living in the old Soviet Union, the propaganda was so thick and obvious. Literally waving American flags.

    The American sheeple eating it up.

    This country makes me want to puke.

  3. Who really did it? 9/11 and Israel, here:

  4. I totally agree. They didn't have any problems with publishing the video of Saddam Hussein's death, but when Bin Laden is killed, which would be great for the USA,they arent showing off with pictures of their great victory. Sounds a little unrealistic doesn't it.

  5. You must be thinking George Bush. We have adults in the White House now - no need to show trophies expecting US to be grownups, too and believe the President. This is so stupid - talk about sheeple - the sheeple always looking for a conspiracy where none exists. Bush was the kind of President who lied. This one doesn't have to - he takes action.

  6. LOL. Yeah, BO's so fucking honest he doesn't have to prove any of his claims.

  7. agreed, takes action? yea more fucking lieing, business as usual

  8. Yeah... he takes actions... fake certificate and now fake bin laden death... ACTIONS INDEED!

  9. "I don't lower myself to politics." "I didn't NEED to see any evidence. I KNEW O.J. didn't do it." "Here, kid. First fit's free." "What's on TV?""What are these sores on my body that won't heal?" "You know? You can cross a spider with a goat and the goat exudes spider web strands that weave stronger than Kevlar!" "What are the scars that Obama has all over the back of his head?" "Is the Knights of Malta going to facilitate the next covert false flag operation on the U.S. as a nuclear event?" "Is the queen of England such a lecherous old thing that she wouldn't stop at lady Di and the BP/Halliburton blue plague to conserve the family jewels?" "Why are you stupid motherfuckers throwing rocks at me?" It all fits now. Anti-Semitism = Thulism. Add CFR's (SCOTUS illegally sanctioned news propaganda) + Congressional pultroons = today.

  10. I see the DOD plants are out in force spreading more Barackoganda. This is clearly a fake but the question as always is WHY? What's cook'en???

  11. This is all BULLSHIT Bin Laden is not dead!
    Were is all the evidence ??? I don't see none.
    Beside why would the Americans want to kill Bin Laden ?
    He didn't make 9-11 happen it was bush.!
    Evidence that Bush did it?
    Well where was he when it happened? oh I know he was reading books for little kids, and what did his guards tell him when the plane hit?
    "The first plane has hit"
    Don't believe me go research it up and see.
    Some thing else is, how did they actually pass the giant walls that were around 'his' house ? And if he did live in that house, there was too much security for then, to kill him, one of his sons, 2 of his brothers, then leave but getting his 2 wives and other son outta the house then blowing up one of their own plane before 40minutes.

  12. Why do we care so much if we upset someone by showing the body of Obama they are our enemies anyway right? maybe there is no body...