Friday, May 6, 2011

FDA Seizing Food?Remember How the Famines of the Ukraine were Started.

              The move the Food and Drug Administration announcing they can seize food for any reason or no reason at all.Where does the FDA gets the authority?What law from congress and the constitution does the FDA says they have the right to confiscate food. We all know the government is attacking Farmers Markets,Roadside Vegetable Stands and Health foods Stores. Even the Amish communities are being raided. Never mind all the drugs the FDA approves killed more people then those who grow their own gardens have ever done sees the need to seize food without cause. This was done before
               If this is not dealt with right now and pushed back let me give you a lesson in history back in eastern Europe. When Joseph Stalin assumed becoming dictator of the USSR more like as we call today as the Old Soviet Union.Right before the Bolshevik revolution. The Ukraine was considered the bread basket of eastern Europe with it vast farms.It was one of the most productive regions as far as agriculture. Once Joseph Stalin managed to disarm the people of the Soviet Union of their guns. Next he went after the food. The Ukrainian people had their pantries emptied and the storage cellars raided.Their was silos full of grain and wheat the Soviet government would not allow the people to eat.People were mowed down by machine gun fire eating acorns in the snow they were so hungry.Close to 30 million people died in the Ukraine by a government caused famines.It happened there and it can happen here.
               The FDA might claim authority under the Executive Order 10998 to start seizing the food supplies.Can you picture this scenario playing out. As an example. Suppose a State does not play ball with the White House for not implementing Obamacare. We can see the FDA shutting down all supermarkets inside state borders and stopping trucks from crossing the state line to deliver food within the Jurisdiction. Will the FDA under the Obama administration use this executive order to seize food to break the will of the people or a state. Tyrants have in the past use food as a weapon to achieve its ends. Do not think Obama will try this as a way to try to break our will. He is capable of anything.That means starving the American people using food as a weapon. In their minds the end justifies the means.


  1. "Authority" is just a piece of paper. Burn the paper.

    Fight back! No one's any better than anybody else.

  2. I would not put anything past this idiotodic F@ckdtick