Monday, April 4, 2011

Offensive and Opposing Speech is Still Protected Speech.It is Not for the Politicians to Decide

                Here they go again with the religious dupes in the church pews cheering on a Pastor burning Korans. I do not agree with his actions. His actions do offend Muslims. But offensive speech is protected speech.So is opposing wars and policies of the government is protected speech too.It is the right of the Muslims to have a Mosque near ground zero too.They have a right to worship and to use property as they see fit. If it is a Mosque.That is a first amendment right.
                What these dumb evangelical Christians do not see and refuse to acknowledge is it is not the Muslims demanding nativity scenes and crosses removed from public places. It is not the Muslims stopping prayers.I have no fear of Sharia law coming to America. Because it is not the truth.This is all a diversion to keep our eyes off the real enemy. That is the Pro Israel groups like the Anti Defamation League who attack religious freedom.We do not see Council of Islamic American Relations(CIAR) taking cities to court to have crosses removed from a city park.We do see these Jewish pro Israel groups calling for the arrest to people who question the true story of the Holocaust. It is these Jewish groups out imposing their will on us.It these people imposing enslavement on us. Go ahead Church keep blessing the hand the persecutes you and attacks your right to worship.
                  To hear General Petraeus and Senator Lindsey Graham saying that burning Korans will hurt the war effort and we must restrict free speech. To hear the audacity we must restrict the right to dissent because the attack on Libya will be in jeopardy of failing . To say our speech is unpatriotic is the most un American statement you can make saying our opposing the war helps the terrorist is a lie on its face. Senator and General. I hope the people of your state throw you out next election and General. If you make statements like that saying we must restrict free speech. You need to be relived of duty and command fir being a stooge for the globalist. Our founders made it clear 235 years ago and still is relevant today. "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism".


  1. Wars against US = Treason - wars on drugs, terror, Middle East, middle class, poor, women. Repeal and Prosecute Party.

  2. That Pastor's actions offend me, too, and I'm not a Muslim.
    I'm a patriot.
    That means I believe in playing by the rules and the US Constitution is the rulebook.

    Liberty & Justice,


  3. As soon as any speech is prohibited it provides a precedent, starting us down the slippery slope of censorship until all speech contrary to the ruling party's interests is prohibited.

  4. The only speech that should be prohibited is News Media's lies and lies by omission.

  5. Muhammad is a PIG!