Monday, April 4, 2011

New York City Health Workers Banned From Having Junk Food and High Fats Diets. I will Have those Fries Anyway And The City Take That Diet and Shove It!

                  I am against the State or Local governments through laws and ordinances telling people how to eat banning trans fats.People still have the right to choose what they want to eat. If they want to eat a diet with fats or a garden salad. That is the personal preference of the individual and the restaurant who wants to serve a certain clientele to decide. I do not want the nanny state to make that choice for me when I go out to eat. Now it has gone too far were the employer is dictating what a person has for lunch.
                   New York City Health Department now has and banned and prohibited worker from having foods deep fried and cookies.No sodas and no Twinkies. It is none of the city's business in how a person will eats. It is none of their business. If Health Department workers want to stuff their faces with fatty foods. Let them have it.If City Health Department wants to encourage healthy eating habits among the staff. That is OK. Once they mandate workers change their eating habits and personal preferences is really were I have a big problem with.That is getting heir foot in the door to run the rest of a person's life.What is next? What we watch on TV or what time we go to bed will be regulated too? Not all the new rules are bad. Among the adopted rules of not wearing perfumes ,cologne on the job and having good personal hygiene .That is common sense. The worse thing I hate is strong smell of perfume by a worker on the job or someone looking like a slob having body odor in a government position.
                  They will use the excuse of high health care cost of the insurance companies have to pay to micro manage people lives if there is opposition. It is about control. The nanny state were we have our diets chosen for us. What will happen next? Once they get these people on a healthy diet, I can see them coming to our door step inspecting our pantries tell us we are not eating right. My food and my diet is none of the State's business whether I work for the government or not. We must say no to the nanny state.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. Give me hazelnut chocolate, or give me death!!!!!!!

  2. Let NYC suck your dick.

  3. Yes you are abdolutely right.I am totally agreed with you. Junk food is truly harmful for health. Everyone should be away from it.

  4. I think we need to always carry the medicine cabinet, but a duty is a duty, something that never happens until it happens and not bad to have this hand: