Thursday, March 17, 2011

State Governors! Call Out the National Guard Decon Teams to the Airports

              In the recent reports of the radiation being detected from passengers coming from Japan. For the States that have international airports that have flight coming from Japan need to set up decontamination tents were high volume of people arriving from Japan can be decontaminated. All fights from Japan should be diverted to certain airports  so passengers go through decontamination process.
              Most states have National Guard units that specialize in Nuclear, Biological ,and chemical warfare were decontamination is part of their training. These State Governors need to call out the National Guard to these airports in states like Hawaii,California,Oregon or Washington State. All their luggage and clothes on their backs needs to be disposed  before they pass through customs. They should be compensated for the losses so they can get new clothing. In certain circumstances were the public health is in danger sometimes seizing a persons personal items is necessary for the public welfare.
              People will get sick if this is not dealt with. Fire department HAZMAT crews can help if the National Guard units is deployed abroad and short on man power. At every point of entry. The National Guard NBC teams need to set up DECON stations in a hanger so the passengers to go through the process of decontamination before the go out among the population. It may seem humiliating for the people coming from Japan to be stripped and scrubbed. I just hope they thank personal they are not the TSA. At least they are trying to help them.

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