Monday, January 10, 2011

We Have Nothing to Apologize About The Shooting of the Congresswoman.We Did Not Pull The Trigger.

          Listening to the talking heads in the establishment media blaming patriots and the tea party movement for the shooting of Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords and the murder of a Federal Judge. There is no need to be sorry about anything and go on the defensive for a tragic event we had nothing to do with. It is kind of ironic this congress woman was not even in surgery and the judge has not even assumed room temperature. We can hear the people rolled out on cue ready to point fingers at the opposition being the blame for this tragedy.
          We hear the gun grabbers saying we need more gun control and the people should not own firearms. We hear also people saying we need to tone down our rhetoric asserting our first amendment right to free speech and the right to redress our grievances. It seemed like we are being told to feel guilty for our liberties and how it nearly killed the sitting congresswoman and murdered a Federal Judge. We are being told our right to Free Speech and the Right to keep and bear arms was the cause of this tragedy.
            The leftist in this country never apologize for what they stand for. The other side want us to compromise and surrender what we stand for in the spirit of unity in the name of solidarity of Congresswoman Giffords.Never let our stubbornness and unwavering to look like a shortcoming. The people in their own party has shown me. They have no sense of humanity. They do not see a person or colleague in need of support. In a horrific event like this a person has endured and a fighter for her very life in a hospital bed.Any person in their right mind would put their personal differences aside and not use this woman,s misfortune as a spring board for there own personal agenda. They would have put it in perspective and not jump to conclusions.
            The Anti Gun crowd never apologizes for failure of gun control measures in cities like Chicago,New York and Washington DC in how it increased crime and not decreased it. They never say they are sorry for the Gun Free School Zone laws and how its failures caused many school shootings that could have been prevented by a law abiding person having a conceal and carry permit on campus would have made a difference. They will never admit to their failed agenda. Never allow these people make our freedoms be the cause. We have nothing to be sorry about being a free people. We just need to throw it back in their faces when they try.
            For those fighting for the survival of the republic.We have nothing to be ashamed of and have nothing to be sorry about. Our freedoms did not cause this incident and our rhetoric did not fuel this shooters motivation to go on a rampage against a sitting member of congress. We have to call out these people using this event as a political weapon against our God given rights. They have to be shown for what they are.People with no humanity using this woman who represents the people of Tucson as a pawn to attack freedom.


  1. Michael Dean Schroeder, Jae Dean Wendell, Peter Hippsman, Winston Blake, Perry Jones, Peter Gent, 2 unnamed children, 5 ADL/ATF "agents" [;article=135244;] See Also Waco : A New Revelation. & . . Apathy and ignorance does not equal freedom.


    If Americans ever allow their Amendment rights to go, they'll be sitting ducks, like the Argentinians with the "Disappeared" and the Mexicans right with the Federales and the Cartel,now,