Monday, January 10, 2011

My Question to the Pima County Sheriff and Tuscon Police Department.Why Was there No Security At This Public Event of a Member of Congress

              I was listening to the 911 calls right after the shootings that happened at the Safeway were Rep Gabriell Giffords was critically wounded and a Federal Judge was murdered. I was watching countless You-tube videos prior to the mid term election where irate constituents speaking there mind opposing the proposed Health Care reform bill showing there true feelings.While many of these people were redressing there grievances. There was a steroid shaved head police officer ready to drag them outside by the earlobes.
              When I started listening to some of the 911 calls into dispatch. I began asking were was the Police presence? I remember going to many appearances when my congressperson comes home to their districts to make a public appearance. There is always a police presence.This should be a major red flag about what has transpired. I have to ask the question was both these agencies culpability in this event not having security present. There should have been a Law enforcement presence at Congresswoman Giffords public appearance.For some reason there was not any when this chain of events happens.
               I am glad Richard Mack a former Arizona Sheriff raised the same question on a radio appearance this afternoon asking why there was no police presence as a security detail for the congresswoman. I find it very despicable for the establishment news media and the left wing politicians are using this sad day in our history to advance there agenda attacking our freedom. When we have an elected Sheriff of Pima county telling the country that the nations discontent was the reason for the unfortunate chain of events. Before this sheriff attacks our liberties again using this event.He should be asked why there was no Law Enforcement presence with Representative Giffords appearance before he shoots off his mouth again to the press attacking liberty.


  1. The results of an autopsy on John M. Roll
    should tell us a lot e.g. number and caliber
    of bullets and bullet fragments found in
    his body. This is called the "Best Evidence"
    also the title of a book by author David Lifton
    on the JFK assassination.

    Similarly, the ballistics results should be
    able to connect all fired bullets with all
    confirmed injuries, likely trajectories etc.

    For example, a .3006-type bullet would require
    a second shooter, hiding in a car trunk or
    truck a la the M.O. used by the D.C. snipers,
    and similarly a getaway driver.

    And, one of the eyewitnesses, reportedly a
    former ER physician, was "stunned" by the
    sheer amount of time it took Police and EMTs
    to arrive on the scene: this little item
    should not get lost in all the hyperbole
    flooding the Internet.

    That key eyewitness was one of the people
    who held Loughner on the ground until Police
    arrived on the scene, so he would know as well
    as anyone how much time transpired.

    p.s. The msm focus on Giffords is a phenomenon
    strongly suggesting a bias that seeks to
    minimize reporting about John M. Roll and
    any possible motives for assassinating him too.
    What Court cases was he hearing recently?
    Was there a pattern in the threats he was
    receiving? Was there a security "stand-down"?

    Sincerely yours,
    /s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
    Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964(a)

  2. What do politicians do when they might be found wanting in their duties? They try to divert attention to their political opposition. Cheap shot ( hope that word doesn't give anybody the wrong idea).