Sunday, January 9, 2011

The NASA connection and Congresswoman Giffords. Pray for Speedy Recovery.

             It is apparent that a Democrat was shot in Arizona at an event along with a Federal Judge who were slain along with a third term congresswoman. I have a feeling this was an inside job by assets inside our government. We are hearing the demonetization of the patriots and tea parties. The national discontent as the cause for this unfortunate event is being blamed
              The member of congress who was wounded is married to an Astronaut who lives near the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Her Husband is going to pilot the last space shuttle mission to the International Space Station. Rep.Giffords was heavily involved in issues concerning our space Program.
                The President is been trying to destroy NASA with disastrous polices reaching out to Muslim and eliminating the program for moon exploration. Could Gabriele Giffords not playing ball on issues with NASA play a part in the event? I have to warn Democrats that you do not have to worry about the Patriot community threatening your safety. I worry more about the people out of the White House and in your own party committing political assassinations to blame it on his political enemies and get party members who will not play ball one hundred percent with the President out of the way.
                 People in the President's opposition knows they have nothing to gain by committing violence against a sitting member of congress whether they be in the Patriot Tea Party movement or with the GOP. The people worked hard to have the house of Representatives back in the hands of the Republican Party. The only people with a lot to lose is the White House. The present Administration is looking for a way to slow down the momentum working against him and to point fingers at his opposition as the blame for the violence. He is looking for opportunities to chill free speech and to silence his political enemies.
                 It is foolish for our side to pull a stupid stunt like this on a sitting member of congress.We know that and never would think such a thing. We know we have nothing to gain by an act like this.We would not sanction an act like this and would condemn such needless violence Who stands to gain is the US Government looking for ways to silence the opposition,demonizing free speech,censor the internet and a further excuse to spy on the American people because they want more power to grab. Using the shooting of a sitting member of congress as a means to grab more power is just another cheap shot against the American people. We must not allow the President to grandstand on this event as a means to advance against our free speech.


  1. I believe this article has credibility, well written, straight to the point, and should be considered.

  2. your blog sucks

  3. Right on. Inside job. This a false flag attack, solving a few problems while giving the media a reason to go after the "right extremists". False flag, like 911. It is so obvious.