Sunday, January 9, 2011

Here Comes the Anti Freedom Politicians Attacking Free Speech and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms After the Shooting of a Congresswoman

                I have to say these politicians are shameless using unfortunate events as the Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords being shot and a federal judge being slain to advance legislation because they feel the need to protect themselves from the people. New York Congresswoman is now introducing a gun control bill after the tragic event that happened to the Arizona Representative.
               I find it so brazen these people in the media and who hold office are using this sad event to as a means to quell free speech and take away our right to keep and bear arms. What I have to say to Rep McCarthy and all others who think they need to take away our liberties to protect themselves. God gave us the right to freely speak,defend ourselves and most of all be left alone.
                It is plain as day. People like Barrack Obama,Nancy Pelosi,Harry Reid,Chuck Shumar,Joseph Lieberman,Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein are not fit to serve the people. These people conspire against our future and livelihoods daily. It is very sad that they are all might be wringing their hands behind closed doors at Congresswoman's misfortune thinking of ways to use this to attack our freedoms.
                 I see this tragic event blowing up in  their faces like any other event because they are grandstanding trying to take the moral high ground demonizing the very freedoms that made this country great. The shooter has already been shown to has some of the same ideology as many members in congress after seeing what his beliefs are.His views are very far from the Tea Party or the Patriot movement are and seem to blame the opposition anyway. When they repeatedly acted like this after every tragic event trying to move an agenda forward shows they have lost the high ground long ago.

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